Friday, October 3, 2008


I have always loved you and I have missed you forever. Guess it just didn't occur to me that you would die before I did.

I remember all the times I was depressed, and you showed up at my door with a steak dinner you prepared and served to me.

I remember the immense heart inside you; which could not deny even the most vile some joy and comraderie.

I remember how you read my mind; never did I know a person so in tune with my soul and every thought as you were.

I remember you as the most competent person I have ever known; ever if you were so very stubborn.

I remember your laughter and wit; it flowed easily for you. I never minded your being better than I was, because I loved you so.

The world is a much lonelier place now that you are gone. Even though I have not seen you for years.
I always knew those snowy winter days, sitting at the Malt Shop window, watching the snow fall; that I would remember those times as some of the best in my life.

God bless you and your Dad and Mom.

You will always be such a sweet place in my heart. You remind me: it is too late to tell someone you love them when they are dead.

Vaya con Dios mi amiga.



Anne Coble said...

Adriana was a very good friend of mine. Yes, she had a very big heart. Her home was open to her friends. She allowed me to move in with her when she did not even know me. She was a witness at my wedding, and she helped me to learn to care for my newborn son. Adriana and Carl lived with my husband and me for a time as well. God Bless You, Adriana!!

Sheilanagig said...

Were you married to Jack? I think Anna is still alive in Las Vegas..I would love to be able to send her a letter.

Anonymous said...

I am married to Adriana's son Shawn. Is grandmother Anna still lives in Las Vegas.


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