Saturday, February 28, 2009

Chomsky - Government for the elite by the elite

Many people still believe that the USA was founded for the purpose of government for the people and by the people. This a true fact - if one understands that the 'people' referred to here are the elite. Nothing much has changed in the past couple hundred years or so as far as this strategy is concerned.

Noam Chomsky addresses this subject below and how this relates to corporate propaganda. If you like this short video, you will love Century of the Self.


Rugfish said...


It's like deep as deep can be!

He's not trying to manipulate us because we already thought this before we seen the video. lolol

I'm cracking on with it S and will probably say something about it when I've seen it all.

Meanwhile, I've placed a link on my blog and will copy what I have to report for you when able.


Rugfish said...

Oops, you might want to link your piece with this S.


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