Monday, March 23, 2009

Economic class-rape - ENOUGH!

I love Keith Olbermann's commentaries. This one is directed at the corporate bailout of the USA banks, but could well apply to any other country, especially Ireland. The suggestions Olbermann makes about removing 'person' status legally for corporations, making corporate executives personnally accountable for fraud and returning control of media ownership diversity to a government regulatory agency (FCC in US) are all exquisitely lucid solutions to the fiasco of bankers raping the working class.

I am glad there is Keith Olbermann. His ideas here apply universally to corporations run amuck with greed. Indeed, the pitch forks and torches of ordinary people who have suffered from the unforgivable corruption and great Big Dogs and Fat Cats may still be in the dealing of the cards.


Rugfish said...


I was saying much the same only this morning, just not as fast.

Spot on.

I've linked it to my blog.
Thanks for finding it S.

kenyan observer said...

If you love Olbermann (I do too), then you will definitely love Thom Hartmann if you've not already heard of him. I think he is the smartest talk-show host on the planet. About three weeks ago he talked about this same issue and went into great detail explaining how it came to be when a corporation (don't remember which one, but their business was either rubber, oil or rail) argued at the supreme court back in the 19th century to add "personhood" to a corporation, lost the case and a clerk's gaffe (scribbled notes) while compiling the transcript inadvertently caused it to become the law of the land. Check him out -

Sheilanagig said...

P...thanks. You're an inspiration.

Sheilanagig said...

Kenyan, thanks for the url...I will check it out.

Interesting bit about the corps personhood - too bad it isn't as simple to undo the gaffe.

Cheers and thanks for your support.


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