Monday, October 5, 2009

Irish YES voters - Meet your new president

Thanks to the party in power now in Ireland, Fianna Fail and its scare mongering campaign on Lisbon, we will all be represented by the English, again. All you YES voters, be proud, you have returned Ireland to the control of Great Britain.

First Order of Business for Post-Lisbon EU:
Appoint War Criminal As President

Major media outlets from the BBC in Britain to RTE in Ireland are now reporting that the Yes side scored a resounding victory in Ireland's vote Friday on the EU Lisbon Treaty. With the treaty's ratification, the obstacles preventing the total federalization of the EU superstate are now removed.

As the Daily Mail reported earlier this week, one of the first orders of business for the post-Lisbon EU will be to appoint Tony Blair as the first President of the European Union. This move has been fully expected ever since Tony Blair's highly suspect conversion to Catholocism two years ago. Of course, the many laudatory pieces (and even the adversarial ones) we are likely to read about Mr. Blair in the coming weeks will signally fail to mention that he has been accused of numerous war crimes and crimes against humanity including:

- Continuing economic sanctions imposed on Iraq from 1990 until its invasion at the hands of his government in 2003 that resulted in the deaths of 500,000 Iraqi children.

- Conspiracy to join with another power in a war of aggression (the supreme international war crime).

- High treason in manufacturing a case for war (including the infamous Downing Street Memo).

- Participating in a political and military coalition with the U.S. in Iraq that deployed contravened weapons like white phosphorus.

Of course, the Irish electorate has not only allowed Blair to become the President of the EU. According to the National Platform EU Research and Information Centre, which has compiled a list of 13 Facts About the Lisbon Treaty, they have also created a self-amending treaty that will no longer allow national vetoes on key issues like tax harmonization, crime, transport, energy and public health and services. As the head of the National Platform Anthony Coughlan explained in a pre-vote interview on the significance of the treaty: "It [Lisbon] would establish a kind of European Federation which would in effect have all the powers of a traditional state. And this new EU Federation would then sign treaties with other states in all areas of its powers and would have its own voice at the United Nations and its own foreign minister and its own diplomatic service and so on." Listen to the interview in the audio player below:

Now that the EU has "won" by forcing the Irish public to vote on the Lisbon Treaty until they got it "right," liberty-minded people the world over will have the uncomfortable experience of watching the expansion of this vast new tyrannical superstate headed by unaccountable bureaucrats. Of course, given that the EU has been frustrated in its attempts to undermine national sovereignty again and again and again when the people are actually given a chance to have their say, we can only hope that the entire EU enterprise has been so discredited now that the political opposition to this rising EU Federation will continue to rise.

The coming weeks and months will be the most critical for the creation of this pumped-up regional superpower. One can only hope that the European citizenry will redouble their efforts to stop the inevitable power grabs before it is solidified because the consequences for the entire world if this Nazi-inspired and Bilderberg organized regional monstrosity is created are simply too ghastly to contemplate.


Irish4Palestine said...

I posted on another blog yesterday about this. As the tallies were coming in I was sat overlooking the lake of Shadows, and was thinking to myself how far Ireland has come since I was a child. That I may actually live to see the re-unification of Ireland that so many fought and died for.

And then it hit me that when it does happen, Ireland will no longer be independant. all those who died and for this? To be some 10th rated colony of Europe?

bobby Sands must be rolling in his grave. We fought to free ourselves from British rule and now we will be ruled by Blair, how ironic and sick

Sheilanagig said...

It appears the Irish are no better at deciphering political propaganda than the Americans are.

Why am I not surprised?

Pity that when the consequences of this vote boomerang to haunt the YESers of FF, there will be no recourse to correct it.

And saying, 'I told you so', will not be any satisfaction at all.

I am not entirely certain this vote was not interfered with as several voters in my NO district were struck off the voter registry DAYS before the vote.

I certainly would like to be wrong about this; because if I am not, we are truly fecked.


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