Friday, March 12, 2010

Preventative detention? Who cares?

I think in the end, We the people will get what we deserve...the consequences of ignorance and indifference. Most Americans (or Irish people) don't even know the laws passed to take away their rights, nor do they care to learn about them...too much anxiety.

Here is just another example in the long line of draconian laws passed to 'protect' people from them thar 'terrorists'.

Who cares? We can't do anything about it anyway.

OR.....What in the hell is Posse Comitatus....and....who cares?

People who can't be bothered to defend their freedoms may not deserve them.

Wonder why I am disgusted?

Marines at DUI roadblocks

The evaporation of privacy and freedom

Man arrested/convicted for complaining to government

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