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Oil spill links

I have compiled a list of links from both mainstream and other media sources here to better understand the reality of the Deepwater disaster. Included are only the best I have found.

It is black irony indeed, that the scarcity of oil has fueled so much death misery and destruction on the planet; and now Mother Nature forces more oil on us than we can live with.

Hope you find some value or clarity in these links, together or singly.
As I find links, I will add to this list. Posts in chronological order; first earliest, last most current.

A compilation of video and quotes from BP and others addressing the seriousness of the oil leak..

Oceanographer John Kessler analyses methane.

Oil rain in Louisiana

Corexit and crop damage

Reports Say Huge Explosions Cause Seafloor Collapse Beneath Gulf Oil Spill (Update 9)

Oil And Gas Leaks From Cracks In Seabed Confirmed – Videos Show Gulf Oil Spill Leaking From Seafloor

It’s Official: Huge Area of the Gulf Has Been Turned Into A Massive Dead Zone By The BP Gulf Oil Spill

BP Gulf Oil Spill Is Already In Gulf Stream And May Hit North Carolina Beaches Any Day

MSNBC July 15: Matt Simmons still says BP covering up MASSIVE HOLE miles away, cap test is "absurd"

This video was taken on July 3rd, 2010 in Fort Worth, Texas, just after the first few days of rain we received here from Hurricane Alex

Why BP is readying a ’super weapon’ to avert escalating Gulf nightmare

Oil Pressure Stopping Short of Target ... Does that Mean the Well Integrity Test Is Failing? Washington's blog is an excellent compilation of all the media waffle out there.

Is oil leaking from the sea floor around the BP well? Video

Hell Has Come to South Louisiana

Toxicologists: Corexit “Ruptures Red Blood Cells, Causes Internal Bleeding”, "Allows Crude Oil To Penetrate “Into The Cells” and “Every Organ System"

Doomsday Methane Bubble Rupture?: How the BP Gulf Disaster May Have Triggered a 'World-Killing' Event

Republicans Block Investigative Power for Oil Spill Commission


Dr.Riki Ott alleges BP engaged in massive cover-up to hide Gulf Disaster damage video

Technician: Deepwater Horizon Warning System Disabled video The chief engineer on the Deepwater Horizon tells a government panel that warning systems on the drilling rig were inhibited because the crew did not want to be disturbed in the middle of the night.

Methane Release From the Gulf Oil Spill: What Does It Mean? How Bad Could It Get?

Short videos on the Blow out preventer failure. Very well explained

The New York Times page of videos on various aspects of the Macondo spill. Very worthwhile and fascinating.

Corexit vapour turns planes orange/causes acid rain? video

New Photos: Suffering Dolphins in Barataria Bay - oil bp

Gulf Citizens Do Media’s Job, Find Deadly Amounts of Toxins at Grand Isle

Barge crashes into oil well in Gulf, NEW 20ft High Oil Gusher (RAW FOOTAGE)

NWS: Oil spill [another one!] could reach Lake Michigan by Sunday

Growing Health Crisis in the Gulf

BP Gulf Oil Spill Seeps Mapped In Google Earth – Feds Explanation Of Sea Floor Leaks Don’t Add Up

Irish firm gambles on extinction
Online betting site calculates the odds of several species' demise due to Gulf oil spill.

Admiral Allen Says Gas Seep is from the Rigel Gas Field ... Did BP Accidentally Tap Into the Rigel Gas Field?

Attempted arrest of BP executives in DC recently

Dublinmick Many links and videos here I have not seen before.

Good toxic rain video/links

Michigan oil spill

Find more videos like this on

BP's oil now oozing out from Beach sand in Louisiana

Breaking Gulf news: Land Surveyor proves Simmons right. TV well sham. These videos use BP/Dept of Interior's own documents to show there are 2 wells.

And from a different source, the 2 well conclusion.

Crabs provide evidence oil tainting Gulf food web

BP's Insidious Coverup and Propaganda Campaign: Out of Sight, Out of Mind

Disturbing discovery of crabs filled with black substance

BP's oil lingers, seen and unseen: An editorial

Oilgate! BP and All the President's Men (Except One) Seek to Contain Truth of Leak in the Gulf (PHOTOS)(VIDEO) Alot of info in this one including pics of blisters and rashes on Gulf workers

Censored Gulf health news: Call it what it is: Genocide. Crime Against Humanity (videos) Another excellent article with docs on health effects

Plant damage in Minnesota - What acid rain might look like

Oil well blowout in Louisiana
This is a new one as of Aug 11, 2010 in a sugar field in rural LA. Area evacuated.

Officials deny dispersant use, residents beg to differ
Nothing like eye witness reports to show up official liars. Aug 10, 2010

UV Light Reveals Hidden Sand Contamination from the Gulf oil disaster Aug 13, 2010

Hundreds of Thousands of DEAD FISH on NEW JERSEY SHORE AUG 12 2010

BP downsizes Miami oil spill operations center

BP: Dispersing Oil or Criticism?
Toxic chemicals helped the oil giant save face, but their health and environmental impacts are unknown

The BP oil-methane-dispersant-drilling fluids disaster
Huge volumes of methane from the well along with toxic dispersants used to break up the oil could do vast damage

Mojo's BP Oil Spill Coverage

Stationary Corexit Device at Sea Floor

Brazil beaches - oil washed up

Millions of Dead Fish, Alligators, Turtles Floating Down Bolivian Rivers!

Amazon Crude (60 Minutes - length 13 min) How long does it take to sue an oil company for environmental damage? After 16 years, the case againsy Chevron for 27 billion dollars has not been heard.

Journalist Exposes How Private Investigation Firm Hired by Chevron Tried to Recruit Her as a Spy to Undermine $27B Suit in Ecuadorian Amazon

Mid August, 2010 - More and more eyewitness accounts of oil spill evidence (since BP said the oil is 75% cleaned up) floods you tube. Just a few below.

Fisherman and Families know Gulf Seafood is unsafe, DEMAND Dispersants stop being sprayed!

Two officials from different Florida counties report “what looks like ‘a congealed GLOB of VASELINE’ that is HOVERING just offshore”

Uncovering the Lies That Are Sinking the Oil Nothing like eyewitness testimony from locals to make BP's clean up claims look ridiculous. Good article.

dead fish all over the east coast, lack of oxygen from gulf disaster Aug 16, 2010

Louisiana Fishermen Slam Claims that Oil Almost Gone, Seafood Safe

Gulf Fishermen Debate Whether to Risk Selling Seafood Again - PBS News hour

Gulf Shrimpers Find Oil In Reopened Fishing Areas. Governnment Says "Shut Up". Sierra Club Alleges Areas Were Solely Reopened to Limit BP's Liability

Is the Spill Victims' Fund Keeping BP and the Feds in Bed?

Scientists: Oil Contaminating Vital Gulf Habitat Democracy Now - corroboration for other articles from various sources above

The BP Cover-Up: BP and the government say the spill is fast disappearing—but dramatic new science reveals that its worst effects may be yet to come.
Easy reading article detailing the food chain in the Gulf and how it is affected by the oil spill.

The spider web of gas pipelines lurking under the Gulf.

The 15 Biggest Oil Spills As of Aug 2010

BP's Damage Control: A Timeline

"The Goal Is Not to Let It Blow Up": A Tour of BP's Relief Rig

August 13, 2010 Video Oil all gone?
"We are just uneducated fisherman, if we can find it (oil), anyone can."

"Everything is Dead Out There": Uncovering the Lies That Are Sinking the Oil What if the 'news' were written by real people on the scene of the disaster? This article is good reading to show the difference of 'official' news releases about the 'clean up' and the reality experienced by residents.

The James Fox reports - eyewitnesses on the media black out etc. More of these videos can be found on Youtube.

Video - who is responsible for 'contaminated fish' brought in by fishermen? Dock Owners Asking Fishermen to Sign Waiver Stating That They Would be Responsible for Contaminated Fish?

Gulf Oil May Not Degrade for DECADES


BP's "Cloak of Silence": Geology is "Fractured", Relief Wells May Fail Few people in the world know more about oil drilling disasters than Dr. Robert Bea.

Bea teaches engineering at the University of California Berkeley, and has 55 years of experience in engineering and management of design, construction, maintenance, operation, and decommissioning of engineered systems including offshore platforms, pipelines and floating facilities. Bea has worked for many years in governmental and quasi-governmental roles, and has been a high-level governmental adviser concerning disasters.

(DAUPHIN ISLAND, Ala.) Residents living in DeSoto Landing say they've never seen this black mess before. They believe the stained sand covering their beautiful white beach is a sign the oil spill is far from over.

Major study charts long-lasting oil plume in Gulf

Scientist Accuses Obama Administration and BP of Underestimating Amount of Oil Left in Gulf of Mexico Democracy Now - short video

Fishing Industry in Gulf Still Worried About Levels of Toxins in the Water and the Impact on Marine Life Democracy Now - short video

Gulf Chemist: Mercenaries Hired By BP Are Now Applying Toxic Dispersant - at Night and In an Uncontrolled Manner - Which BP Says It No Longer Uses

New Orleans TV: “Alarming discovery” of adult crabs “filled with some sort of black substance” (VIDEO)

Oiled crabs stoke fears spill is tainting food web

Corexit found in Orange Beach Waters Orange Beach, Alabama resident Margaret Long took her own samples of a strange substance in the water near her home and sent it to a chemist. The result? Corexit.

What’s the Rush? “NOAA sends its samples to a lab in POLAND” — “Will take MONTHS” to know
August 25th, 2010

Underwater 'River' of Oil Confirmed in Gulf Source: Adam Sharp, Wealth Daily 08/23/2010

Alabama Charges BP, Transocean For BP Gulf Oil Spill Coverup and Using Dangerous Toxic Dispersants WKRG News 5 in Alabama reports that the Attorney General of Alabama has filed charges against BP and Transocean for covering up the BP Gulf Oil Spill and using a dangerous and highly toxic choice of chemical dispersants among other things.

Gulf Loop Current Stalls from BP Oil Disaster: Global Consequences if Current Fails to Reorganize

Tuesday, August 31, 2010
BP's Crude Oil May Be Radioactive


steven andresen said...


I am just starting to look into some of your links. I have seen some of them before.

I have thought a good argument about the deepwater drilling has to do with Peak Oil and the claim that as there is less easy to reach oil on land, the drillers have to go farther out into deeper water, the arctic, and tar sands, etc, in order to find oil in any quantities. Yes, they might find some areas with a lot of oil, but Peak Oil is not telling us that there isn't any more oil, it's just saying that there is a finite amt, and that we have pretty much harvested the low hanging fruit, so to speak, at this point.

Michael Ruppert was asked recently about this on the RT production with Max Kaiser.

Sheilanagig said...

Hey steven,

Thanks for your thoughts.

We have no need for oil really. We have the technology to provide alternate energy sources.

The problem is all the capital invested in finding, drilling, refining etc. oil. Those who own these means of production are not going to take a loss on their investment.

It's really and economic problem for capitalists: not a shortage of alternative energy or know how.

Pity. We may yet drown in oil. If we kill the oceans, the planet is doomed since rain comes from the oceans, and would then be toxic. Plants wont grow.

Hope springs eternal I guess.


Anonymous said...

It is population reduction.

Anonymous said...

Population reduction

Anonymous said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog. May I introduce you to another Irishman, currently living in Scotland. Thanks for dropping by my blog.

Sheilanagig said...

Thanks for the links Dubmick...I have added them. Been looking for like minded Irish bloggers.


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