Thursday, August 14, 2008

The Evil Eye of Bush

Politicians are well trained actors; they can produce a laugh or any facial expression upon will, depending on what is called for in a situation. In the days of yore, photographs were planned and the technology was cumbersome. But today, with a camera in every cell phone, every expression and movement of our politicians can be recorded, even the ones they don't want us to see.

I like to look a faces; not for beauty, but for truth and spirit.
Most of us will never meet the Masters of the Universe face to face. So we will never have the luxury of observing all the subtle cues that provide meaning to our personal opinions of those in power; we instead get the well marketed media image they wish us to believe.

Below is a compilation of moments in time the Bushites have revealed themselves for the camera and told us some truth about themselves that perhaps they did not mean for us to see. Granted, these photos are taken out of context in an openly biased way here. But the photos reveal some truth; you can judge for yourself what that is.

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