Monday, April 13, 2009

What does NWO really mean?

What does the New World Order really mean? The term is pejorative; yet, are there not issues such as the environment and human rights which require global control? In the following article, we can see the ambiguity of this term, used here by a man who is leading the leftist revolution in South America.

And how about the use of NWO by Russia and Iraq, Russia, Iraq call for fair new world order ? Can this be the same NWO we associate with the fascist structure of Great Britain and the USA? Time to take a closer look at this term that is so loosely thrown about in arguments and commentaries.

Hugo Chavez Declares "New World Order"

April 09, 2009
Larrey Anderson


Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez is spending a few days in China. He doesn’t think much of the US or our new policy of “smart power” diplomacy.

"We are creating a new world, a balanced world. A new world order, a multi-polar world," was one of the first things Chavez declared after arriving in China.

"The unipolar world has collapsed. The power of the U.S. empire has collapsed," he continued. [Emphasis added.] "Everyday, the new poles of world power are becoming stronger. Beijing, Tokyo, Tehran. It's moving toward the East and toward the South."

After Obama’s disastrous performance at the G20 conference , maybe someone should tell the Obama administration and Hillary Clinton’s State Department the news: Most of the world doesn’t view our new administration as either smart or powerful. We live in a brave new world and the Obama administration doesn’t seem to have much of a place in it.

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