Saturday, May 22, 2010

A message from Argentina

Every once in awhile I run across an article that gives me some understanding of the bigger picture and I learn something. Why exactly IS there a crisis in global finances? And why do the PEOPLE always have to pay for it? The above article was very helpful to me and I present it here for those who want to know more......but don't have alot of time to study global finance.

I found both the article and the videos easily digestible and thought provoking. I am not sure it is possible for enough people to wake up to this information to stop the global financiers from completing their cycle. But I don't think it very dignified to play my part as an ostrich with my head in the sand bending over.

I hate dealing with economic global collapse because it is so messy and requires so much specialised knowledge to analyse it; more often than not I throw up my hands and move along to another issue.

But I am wrong to do this. Those who run the global finance know I probably won't study economics to understand today's mess; and probably will prefer to digest simplified media headlines. Average people who work and raise families barely have enough hours in the day to attend to their lives without devoting time to studying complex economic banking theories. Isn't that what politicians are elected to do?

One thing is clear to me though: democracy is dead. It is dead because the people are hoodwinked and too busy (and have little inclination) to learn more about the bigger picture of finance: people are content to play the part assigned to their little pixel in the picture painted by 'invisible hands'. Democracy requires enlightened citizens and most of us are still consumer zombies.

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Anonymous said...

You're right: most people are too tired and disinclined to study economics or any other issue of the day to be an effective part of society. Being a citizen in a REPUBLIC requires each individual to be as enlightened as our founders. In other words, not gonna happen.

The Frosted Marcos

Sheilanagig said...

My sentiments exactly Marcos. But look what has happened with the Gaza Flotilla: what a great surprise. 7 ships of citizens brought the ferocity of Israel to the world center stage and will force Israel to end the Gaza blockade.

I am a cynical optimist. Hope springs eternal from the heart.

Cheers and good luck to us all.


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