Tuesday, May 4, 2010

The resurgence of populism

Everything old is new again. As 'we the people' are being slowly boiled like frogs in a lukewarm pot, some are jumping out. As austerity cuts in budgets and social services hit more and more, people are getting pissed off. And increasingly willing to do something about it.

History is repeating itself in country after country; the fat cats v. the rest of humanity. The answers for today's problems are the same as always: the people themselves must stand up and say, 'NO MORE'. As Jim Hightower says: 'Fat cats are no match for alley cats.'

And people are protesting, everywhere; they just don't get the press coverage by the media giants that the politicians and Wall Street get. From peasants in Peru to citizens of Kyrgyzstan, from Iowa to Greece, the people are taking to the streets to take back their power, power which has been abused by an international plutocracy.

The following three videos are from Bill Moyer's Journal. They show the stuff that hope is made of. They are the antidote to cynical apathy. They inspire me to keep on 'keepin on': a grain of sand may be small, but a sand storm can carve into granite cliffs. I hope you will find some inspiration in these interviews with Howard Zinn and Jim Hightower. The third video is about how Iowans took back their power. Each video is approximately 30 min.

Iowa Citizens

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