Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Mighty Mouse is on his way.

If I hear the 'O' word one more time, I may lose my patience with politics altogether. Unfortunate for me since I will most likely hear the 'O' word every week, if not more often, for the next four years. I am resigned to this; but for the moment a sense of the absurdity of it all will greatly improve my humour.

There seems to be two camps of opinion of 'O' since the election; those who love him, and those who hate him. I 'd like to take quick look at both.

Many Americans, and people around the world, are thrilled will 'O's election and float around in a sense of euphoria that everything will be OK now. The neo-cons are gone; America is vindicated and once again embraced by the world as the benevolent safeguard of democracy, as it has always claimed. These are mainly the liberals and other middle of the road groups who can once again feel the sunshine of god's love on America, and on their balance sheets. They hope without fear, because there is no point in learning anything that might upset their new found security for the future. 'O' is a sainted saviour in whom they have faith.

The other camp see 'O' as incarnate evil. Curiously, two political positions endorse this view; the left and right, both moderate and more radical. For the right camp, 'O' represents the moral decay of white society, the economy and the future. No doubt, this group will bellow the loudest when things start to fall apart, 'See, he has ruined our country!' For the left camp 'O' is simply an extension of the American war machine who will continue on in the same evil path as his predecessor, indeed, the foreign policy imperialism that America has been pursuing for a hundred years, while cloaking itself in democratic rhetoric to hypnotise its populace. Both left and right agree that 'O' must go.

Not being privy to the elite power circles in the world and not knowing 'O' personally, leaves me somewhat at a disadvantage as to what to think. I can't help but engage in speculation; but I decry pre-emptive judgement. The second act is over and the outcome in the third seems inevitable and written into the opaque plot itself; I await in suspence for what will happen but welcome the intermission. We have little influence now and the world exhales in relief of ridding itself of the Bush Empire.

It is probably easier to list those realities which I know have not changed, nor will they in the near future; the American people were of the same cultural mentality on the morning of November 5th as they were on the evening of November 3rd, consumer zombies who believe their identity consists of stuff they own and how big their guns are. The global banking consortium is still calling the shots as to who gets what and who does what. The Cheney-Bush regime is not giving up power, especially at the climax of the game; they have a plan to move forward in some way that surely will mean more misery for people. They didn't care about life and people before, and they don't care now. The arms race that America has re-ignited will continue at full pace for probably decades. The American economy is falling apart from decades of mismanagement and may not recover for five to ten years.

What is 'O's role in all this. Is he the evil extension of a Bilderburg plan? Is he the fall guy that will be thrown under the bus so the neo-cons can rise to power again in 2012 to clean up the mess they will blame on him? Is he the transition team for the final Big Brother transition of nations
into the new world order? Maybe he is the hero so many want and need him to be. The deck is stacked against him even if his heart is as pure as his rhetoric. There is someone who I know he isn't but I wish he was; 'Here I come to save the day. Mighty Mouse is on his way'. It might be a good PR image for him to weather the future disasters we shall all be faced with.

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