Friday, November 7, 2008

Orwell in 2008


November 4th 2008
An Internet grass-roots campaign will this week deliver a copy of George
Orwell's prophetic novel 'Nineteen Eighty-Four' to every Member of Parliament. The books will be inscribed with the words, 'This book was a warning, not a blueprint', and will arrive at Parliament on or before November 5th -- a date of well known historical significance for that building.

Outraged by the continual attack upon civil liberties within our nation, a
fortnight ago the Libertarian Party proposed reminding those in Westminster who they were elected to serve, and in whose interests the laws that they pass are meant to function. Spread purely by word of mouth, a campaign to send each Member of Parliament their own copy of Orwell's dystopian classic met with overwhelming support on the Internet, with many more books pledged than the 646 required to ensure that every one of our elected representatives receive a personal copy.

The Libertarian Party contributed just 75 books itself, with the
remainder coming (directly, or via campaign donations) from people of all political parties, and of none. The UK Libertarian Party leader, Ian Parker-Joseph, explained, "As the people of Britain become ever more spied upon and ever more heavily taxed, as the government attempts to control how much we should smoke, eat and drink, as the state legislates to regulate ever more the minutiae of our lives, the Libertarian Party want to remind people that we have the power, and that our elected representatives work for us.

"The Libertarian Party would like the people of Britain to remember that the state is the servant of the people, and not our master. Moreover, we wish to remind those in Westminster of this fact. "Many constituents of these MPs will be adding their own personal messages to the books that they are sending," added Mr Parker-Joseph, "and it is a sad reflection of how far towards Orwell's vision our country has already slipped that some members of the public have expressed fear at the potential consequences of simply sending their MP a 60 year old novel.

correspondent wrote to me: I told my wife I was taking part in this campaign and her and the children’s answer was “don’t do it, you will get into trouble and have them after us”. I have been told on numerous occasions by my wife that you cannot win against the State so “why argue with them, why complain?” She believes that you cannot fight against the Government or powers that be and that if you do you will be watched and eventually “they” will come and get you so it is best not to complain, make waves etc. "What sort of society are we living in where people are so afraid of their government? Something is very, very wrong here" concluded Mr Parker-Joseph.

"Power corrupts; absolute power corrupts absolutely."

Read the book or watch the movie here.
The 2 minute summary.

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