Friday, November 7, 2008

Obama's TO DO list

In an effort to create a dialogue with the new USA president Barack Obama, he will need some feedback from the internet on those issues the world feels most important for him to address.

Since this is an international forum, it is my hope that readers from all countries can respond here and this list can be sent off to Obama in the hopes it will have some effect on the future for all of us. Hope springs eternal.

Obama seems to have made good use of the internet to raise funds; perhaps now he will utilize this medium to raise the consciousness of his own people and administration.
I will start with my little list.
  1. Get the hell out of Iraq and Afghanistan. Haven't these people suffered enough for the USA greed to control oil resources?
  2. Close down Guantanamo.....AND....make reparations to its victims and its victims' families; and by the way, an apology to the world would not be out of line.
  3. Put Joe Biden on a short leash.
  4. Rescind all Executive Orders from the Bush megalomaniacs and try to re-instate the Constitution for your people.
  5. Think Keynes: try to build a sustainable economy that does not depend on exporting war and producing products to kill people.
  6. Endict George Bush and his cronies for war crimes and treason; the world needs closure on the horrors these monsters have inflicted on so many, directly and indirectly.
  7. Take the god dam check book away from the CIA.
  8. Scrap the missile plan for Europe; and stop using NATO to create hostility between peaceful sovereign nations.
  9. Have the White House de-loused and de-bugged before you move in.
  10. Try to educate your people a little better: don't you think adult age voters should know just the tiniest bit about economics and world politics?

Please offer whatever comments or criticisms you like. This is our chance to speak up and I am sure I have left out the interests of many countries and people. Even a 'Ditto' is a strong message.

Thanks for your participation.

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