Sunday, July 12, 2009

July 2010? Headlines?

I hate to be cynical on a Sunday...seems like the only day people have to take a break from the burdens of life. Nevertheless, I am wondering what one year will bring; will we curse ourselves for not seeing the writing on the wall? Will we wish we were wiser?

What will the headlines be in July 2010?
Dick Cheney reportedly hiding in Brazil from war crimes tribunal
California earthquake splits state into islands
Israel to nuke the rest of the world
Food prices skyrocket due to global drought
Obama declares martial law to quell riots
USA/Great Britain default on international debts - Force majeure
Bush/Cheney charged as war criminals in UNHR court
Iran, Russia and China control oil corridors
Mexico, Canada and USA to join in new currency zone
Riots in Europe and USA reaching catastrophic levels
Washington scrambles to implement new currency
Other even more devastating headlines
Please Specify:
Promise Rings


irish4palestine said...

Talk about being spoilt for choice:)

I reckon I’ll go in order of how things will happen. So I pick for Numero Uno; Obama declares martial Law to Quell Riots as first pick, when that tactic fails THEN Israel will nuke the world (for obama)

Sheilanagig said...

HA HA... Good choice.

Too bad for us there may be more than one right answer...:(

These are the good old days.



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