Saturday, July 11, 2009

The Secret Government - Deja Vu

This video is so profound I am posting it again.

Where were you 22 years ago? What were you doing during the Iran Contra affair? Were you paying attention? If you were, then you know exactly what is going on in Iran today.

I invite you to view this 22 year old Bill Moyers special and the subversion of the US Constitution for an historical perspective on the Iranian elections and US meddling in the foreign affairs of this country. You can go futher back if you like to 1953 - but at least go back to 1986.

How do Americans forget (or ignore) their own history? It is shocking. Did you even think that the future would become a recurring nightmare of the past? I surely did not. Yet, here we are in a worse global situation than 22 years ago. Why have such warnings been ignored? How the eff did this happen again?

Please enjoy the video. The Secret Government: The Constitution in Crisis


irish4palestine said...

Jaysus, first, get a load of Kerry back in the day of "big hair" LOL

Secondly; the Iran Contra affair, yup remember it well. Remember when Iran had a democracy, and America removed it and installed the Shah to create a mini-America in the Middle East. That worked SO well..... The problem is the USA does not understand Iran (or muslim countries) in the least.

Sadly Obama now appears to be no different, just a fresh new face to deliver the same old game plan.

I'll link to your post, it's a good one:)

Ban Sidhe

Sheilanagig said...

Thanks for the link Ban. It's pretty shocking how we keep on reliving the same tragic dramas - maybe there is something in the water to make us forget.

I am going to miss Bill Moyers (when he eventually leaves). One of the most ethical journalists I have seen.



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