Friday, July 24, 2009

Refreshing News: 100 Things Your Kids May Never Know About

Refreshing News: 100 Things Your Kids May Never Know About


irish4palestine said...

I like this one and would welcome it back LOL

"That there was a time before ‘reality TV."

Please, if there is a God?

Bring it back LOL

irish4palestine said...

Hey there, i am able to access those sites. I'm in the north and not on vodaphone either. Have you tried googling them instead of going by a link or typing the url? The whole thing is strange. Ive never had a message like that ever. And the email thing is strange as well. Ring your provider and complain, maybe soemthing wrong with the provider perhaps? good luck:)

Sheilanagig said...

Thanks for checking those for me palestine. It was a vodaphone snafu.

Thought for a minute censorship had descended on out little island.


irish4palestine said...

You have vanished LOL hope you got back online;-)


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