Thursday, September 3, 2009

No to Lisbon - No to a blank check for power

Last time I voted YES to Lisbon: this time I will be voting NO. I was wrong to approve this treaty without knowing what's in it. And I am happy to have the chance to correct this situation. I cannot vote YES again. The contents of the Lisbon Treaty are a labrynthine mystery.

I could list many reasons for my change of vote: but one is sufficient to warrant the change: The PEOPLE of the EU are not being given the chance to vote on it. The three nations given a referendum ALL VOTED NO! 95% of Europeans would vote NO according to Charlie McCreevy of the EC.
“On the other hand, I think all the politicians of Europe would have known quite well that if a similar question had been put to their electorate in a referendum the answer in 95% of countries would have been ‘no’ as well,” McCreevy told a meeting of accountants in Dublin.

Too much blood has been spilled to ensure that the populace has democratic rights to vote on treaties which override their own constitutions.
If the people of the EU are allowed to vote, and decide to accept Lisbon, I will happily support that.

Until then, I will not allow Big Dogs to drown out the voices of the PEOPLE who must abide by the terms of Lisbon. Until the EU decides to inform EU citizens of exactly what is in this treaty, honestly and transparently, I will not vote the EU elites a blank check for power.

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