Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Grandma tasered - Unedited video from dash cam

Tasering folks must be the new public relations campaign for American police officers. And apparently has been going on for several years coming to light in the Rodney King video.

If this 72 yr old woman had a pace maker or a heart attack, might she be dead for not signing a traffic ticket? Refusing to sign a ticket means nothing as it can be mailed to you (think speed cams here folks).

Here is a slightly different view of the action with additional audio "Give it to me, I'll sign it. Think this is an isolated incident? Here is a video from 2004, Taser Torture of an Unarmed 78 yo Man in LAX

Age is no barrier though. Thug Cop Assaulting a Teen

And here is another tasering for going 5 miles over the speed limit.

Cop tasers his wife during quarrel. It's becoming clearer.

And now the interviews with cop and grandma.

Also see Ambulance driver brutalized by police

A search on You Tube for taser deaths may really shock the reader.
Amnesty: 334 Taser Deaths Since 2001 Video.

Other related stories.

Black Pa. Man Killed in Police Tasering

In Pennsylvania, the FBI’s civil rights office has opened an investigation into the death of an African American man tasered by police in town of Swissvale. Police say thirty-seven-year-old Andre Thomas was arrested after he was found disturbing a residential block. But witnesses dispute the police account and say they saw police taser Thomas before brutally kicking him in the head as he lay on the ground.

La. Officer Indicted in Tasing Death

And in Louisiana, a white police officer has been indicted for the tasing death of a young African American man in the town of Winnfield. Baron Pikes died on January 17 from electrocution after the police officer, Scott Nugent, shot him nine times with a taser. Pikes was already in handcuffs at the time. Last month, his death was ruled a homicide. Pikes was the first cousin of Mychal Bell, the lead defendant in the Jena Six case. Nugent could face up to forty-five years in prison.

Study: Police in Houston Use Tasers Mostly on Blacks

A new study has revealed that police in Houston, Texas have used Taser stun guns far more on African Americans than any other group. Between December 2004 and June 2007, the police used tasers 1,400 times. Nearly 67 percent were used on blacks, even though only about 25 percent of Houston’s population is black.

Mentally Handicapped Man Falls to Death After Police Tasering

And here in New York, police are admitting at least partial fault in the death of a mentally handicapped man who fell from a building after he was tasered. Thirty-five-year-old Inman Morales was standing naked on a ledge when police confronted him to try to bring him down. Police say they had called for an inflatable bag to break Morales’s fall. But it had not arrived before an officer struck him with the taser weapon, sending him plunging to his death. Police say the incident violated some departmental guidelines but are not disciplining the officers.

Officer Who Ordered Fatal Tasering Takes Own Life

Here in New York, an officer involved in the tasering that sent a mentally handicapped man plunging to his death has committed suicide. Lieutenant Michael Pigott had been stripped of his badge and gun for ordering an officer to taser Inman Morales as he stood on a second-story building ledge. Morales fell headfirst to the ground below, dying instantly. Police say they had called for an inflatable bag to break Morales’s fall. But it had not arrived before the officer fired the taser.

Tasers: Unnecessary and Deadly Force

Another unarmed teen has died after being Tased by police.

Brett Elder, 15, from Bay City, Michigan died after police used Tasers to break up a fight between him and another teenager.

Disturbingly, Brett is already the second teenager to die after being Tased this year. In January, an unarmed 17-year-old boy in Virginia died after police responding to a minor street incident shocked him in his apartment. As of today, the total number of deaths after the use of Taser guns in the U.S. has surpassed 334 since June 2001 and it keeps rising. Perhaps what’s most unsettling is that in over 90% of those cases, the person shocked didn’t even have a weapon.

The news of these teen deaths comes soon after the unveiling of a new Taser weapon, the Taser Shockwave, capable of shocking entire crowds at once. Clearly, this money could have been better spent conducting rigorous safety testing and research into why so many have died after being shocked with a Taser. Amnesty International has called on U.S. law enforcement departments to cease using the weapons, pending further safety studies, or to strictly limit their use to a weapon of last resort.

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