Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Then they came for me....and there was noone...

Police brutality has come to white America. Although it has been happening routinely to blacks and latinos for ages, white America has always taken the side of Law and Order against those criminal races. Now white America gets a taste of what minorities have been suffering through police brutality; perhaps, this will get the attention of the Law and Order crowd now that the victims are white.

In 1991, Rodney King was beaten to a pulp by Los Angeles police officers who were acquitted on all charges except one against Larry Powell, on which the jury was hung.

The reason the jury was hung on this one charge was due to the courage of one juror named Virginia Loya, who refused to be bullied into acquitting officers of all charges. Virginia was a cleaning woman at a hospital in Simi Valley, without formal education, yet with a sense of morality grounded in her beliefs rather than popular opinion. The story of her last night on the jury is excellent reading for those who seek out common heros and heroines.
One of the jurors whose acquittal of four white police officers touched off the Los Angeles riots said today that as the week of deliberations dragged on, she prayed, wept and for a time even fasted in hopes that she could sway the rest of the jury to reach at least one guilty verdict.

"I fasted for a day and a half, and I asked God to help me get out of this," the juror, Virginia Loya, said during a tearful interview at her home here in Ventura County.

The other jurors' "eyes weren't open," she said, "and I said to God, 'If you could give me one more person on my side, I would know.' " Mrs. Loya said that the next morning, on the seventh and last day of deliberations, one juror joined her and two others who had been holding out for a conviction of Officer Laurence M. Powell on a charge of using excessive force under color of authority...

Mrs. Loya said she felt that most of the jurors had already made up their minds by the time they entered the jury room to begin deliberatins. She fought hardest for convictions at the beginning, she said, but the pressure for acquittals was enormous. Read entire article
Those were the days eh? When it was easy to tell the criminals because 1) they were non-white and 2) if the police were beating them, they must have deserved it. Anyone who has watched the TV for the last 30 years should know this: series are chocked full of examples when sometimes it is necessary to violate civil rights to outsmart the 'bad guy'. It's on TV; it must be OK. Except for Virginia Loya - she had courage and swam against the current of injustice she saw.

Now though, the worm has turned and incidences of police assaulting white people are becoming all too common. (Any of you think you have civil rights left?) This first video depicts an incident in 2006 and is only coming to light 3 years later. The second video is from May 2009. Read more. The third is from 2009, also in Seattle.

If I provided more examples, this blog would be terribly long. I wonder what will happen now that whites are subject to the same violations of human rights which they have allowed to happen to non-whites for over hundreds of years. I wonder how the white jurors who acquitted the officers who beat Rodney King, would justify the use of force in these videos? Their decision to allow civil rights to be breached within their society will be a heavy memory with many lessons for the future. AFTER THE RIOTS; After Police-Beating Verdict, Another Trial for the Jurors

I hope Virginia Loya is proud of standing by her convictions. I am still proud of her all these years since. Her courage has always been an inspiration to me. Brava!

Funny how many white Americans seem to think suffering is not real unless it is their own (a generalisation of course.) Where are the Virginia Loyas of today? Where is the voice of sanity and compassion? What happened to the Golden Rule? And did Americans in fact get the government they deserve?

The video which belongs here has been removed from my blog by WKYC-TV for copyright infringment. It graphically depicts a woman who called 911 for help being brutalised by male police officers, stripped naked and held in a cell for over 6 hours. The woman screams 'Why are you doing this to me?' over and over. The mistake was that of the policeman and the humiliation to this woman is SHOCKING!!! Only after 3 years has a lawyer for this woman been able to obtain a copy of the abuse inside the police station.

Read story and view video: Woman Who Called for Help Assaulted By Police; Police Suing TV Station that Exposed Them

or here Fully Nude Strip Search by Cops- Male Police Stripping Woman Completely Naked

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