Monday, May 11, 2009

An Iraqi woman's message to America

America - I HATE YOU.

May 11, 2009

I hate everything you represent, everything you stand for, everything about you...EVERYTHING. I fucking hate you.

You completely destroyed my country, my home, my family, my relatives, my friends, you have completely ruined our lives with your greed, your apathy, your criminality, your hypocrisy, your evilness ..........I fucking hate you.

I FUCKING HATE YOU. HATE YOU with every fiber in my body, with every beat of my heart, with every breath I take....

Iraq's riches are being your companies and those of the smelly once a month bathing Brits can enjoy their leisurely lives.

I still am not sure who is worse - the Jews of Israel or the Kurds of Iraq. Which Zionism is more lethal ?

Over 100'000 barrels of crude Iraqi oil are being given away by the Kurds to American, Norwegian and British companies. That amounts to a revenue of 5 Million dollars a day.

The Federal government of Baghdad, because this is what Al-Jazeera called it today, the Baghdad government as oppposed to the Kurdish government has agreed but the only thing it disagrees with - the names of the companies. It wanted a say in those hand picked companies, to please its Iranian masters.

Stealing our riches, stealing our lives, stealing our blood and living off it like some worm, like some parasite...I HATE YOU AMERICA.

The Kurdish Peshmergas, the ones you cried about being so oppressed, including your fucked up liberals and progressives of my ass...are waging a brutal war in Kirkuk and in Mosul, displacing hundreds of families....

The South is under total Iranian control, and deals are being made with your monsters of companies via the central Shiite government.

The Iraqi population is living in misery, fear, loss, destruction, neglect, poverty...while you are sucking on our blood, through the kurds and the shiites shits you have put into power...


Our families are torn apart, our lovers are torn apart, our neighborhoods are torn apart, we have become beggars, living off merciful handouts...

Merciful handouts that your so called "good will" people come to the rescue and try to help...assuaging the bit of conscience you have left. But you have no fucking conscience. You are just ego, you have embellished your acts with such denial, you are evil itself.

You ripped us of our dignity, us the proud Iraqis who would not bow to any human...for we carry history our shoulders, like a cross, like a burden, like a message...


Rows and rows of burned flesh, from your smart technology, your technology of death, fill hospitals...Fallujah, Mosul, Baghdad, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Palestine...

Rows of flesh, for your cannibalistic eyes and you can dig your ugly teeth in more flesh...and orgasm at the sight...


Humanity ? What fucking Humanity ? You have no humanity, you have no soul, you have no fucking conscience...You are DEAD. A DEAD PEOPLE.

There is worse than physical death. There is a soul, moral death and you are fucking dead. You are nothing but armed skeletons on this earth...skeletons with tons of grease, flab, pulling your weight and your bellies that are never full, your barrels of bellies that look like endless holes that nothing can fill up...

You think you are so fucking sophisticated don't you ? You are fucking idiots with guns...even your so called intellectuals, I don't buy them for one cent...

Including your left, your anti-war shits, your liberals and the wanking Arabs that suck up to you like house niggers, I buy none of you for one cent...

Go ahead, kill as much as you want, burn, maim, tear down, build walls, displace as much as you want...

You are a worthless people and a worthless nation.

Posted by Layla Anwar at 11.5.09

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