Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Watch live - baby eagle chick

Thanks to Reject the Herd for this great find!

This image will only be clear for daylight hours of Canada's west coast PST. I have never been in an eagle's nest with a chick before and never thought I would be: but, among the amazing things I have seen in this cam view, is the mother eagle feeding the baby chick and 'doing housekeeping' chores. The absolute vigilant strength of a mother's instinct in this magestic predator is spellbinding for me.

Also amazing is how many viewers are like me, watching this cam; 500+ at one time. Ah if only we had a chat line too...tho I am not sure that words can express the miracle that happens in this eagle's nest. Hope you enjoy it and catch an active period on the cam.


Anonymous said...

Couldn't sea him;( but liked the blog....:)

Sheilanagig said...

THank you. You can only see the eagle when it is light in PST in the US.

Do come back.

Sheilanagig said...

Looking to the left of the nest, you can barely make out the Pantry - a little stash of fish that the mother eagle has ready for the chick's feeding. Her mighty beak will cut the smallest pieces for her little chick.

She can also be seen, cleaning the nest of bugs and chicky doodah and rebuilding the exterior perimeter to keep the chick safe. She grooms and nudges and pets the little chick with her great beak so tenderly.

Also her head swivils with a 360 degree panorama of the surrounding area and surveys every angle for danger with also mechanical regularity.

I used to practice my fiddle on beaches of the west coast of WA (because the family threw me out of the house). My most magnificent memories are when the eagles would come to check out what creature was producing such a screech in their domain.

The would circle above me and sometimes do aerobatic maneuvers in tandem. Guess they appreciated my amateur efforts on this difficult instrument more than my family.

These images of magnificent rapport with the eagle are burned into my soul forever. Lucky lucky lucky.


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