Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Irish friends vote NO for me

I voted YES last time on Lisbon Treaty. When we Irish are asked to vote again this October I will be voting NO.

My issues with the Lisbon Treaty are many and I am not going to detail them here. But mainly so many Europeans have not had the chance to vote on this, and the two countries who were allowed to vote both voted NO.

I don't think its right that a Treaty this important ought to be decided by elites. If the EU cannot manage to explain the Treaty to voters and allow a popular vote, I will cast my vote as NO for freedom of democracy in the future EU because my fellow EU citizens have not been allowed to have a voice.

Please take a look at the above petition from Europeans who will NOT be allowed to vote.
And follow your conscience as I will follow mine.

Thank you for your consideration.


irish4palestine said...

Glad you are not voting yes this time. Although sadly the govt has had much time to spread its propaganda for a yes vote. If it passes then Ireland will be part of an EU army, and won't be a neutral state any longer. the EU will drag us into all sorts of American crap. Not looking forward to that.

Sheilanagig said...

Yes true.

A person can read or run a blog to get the whole story out there. But in the end, it is up to people whether they want to bother with making informed decisions about this.

I think people are just too terrified now aabout the economic condition to have a motivated interest into what they are getting into with Lisbon.

This chosen ignorance of the real issues by the electorate is a powerful criticism of modern democracy.

Lead a horse to water, but it won't drink unless its thirsty.



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