Friday, August 7, 2009

Israel now picks a fight with Ireland

It seems that Zionists and AIPAC will go to any lengths to stifle anyone critical of their murderous regime. There is no end to whom Zionists will pick a fight with.

Now it's Mary Robinson, first woman president of Ireland and former UNHR high commissioner who has supported Palestinian rights and criticised the tactics of Israel against the Palestinian people. Mary Robinson has been included to receive the 2009 Presidential Medal of Freedom Award by Obama.

Zionists object of course - anyone who criticizes Israel's bloody tactics in Palestine cannot possibly be a good person. That pretty well means that a majority of people in the world are on Israel's and AIPAC's black list. The Irish people have long supported Palestine and protested the savage treatment of its people by Israel with boycotts of Israeli products and humanitarian aid to the Palestinian people.

Usually, the Irish like just about every country and nationality in the world. And, I might add, are welcomed everywhere, especially on UN peace keeping missions because of their congenialality and resolution of tense conflicts with good will rather than bombs and bullets. Israel should get some sort of medal itself for raising the hackles on Irish backs and being boycotted not only by Irish people, but also by Irish academia, a feat no other nation has accomplished in Irish history. Congratulations to Israel.

I would here argue the merits of case affirming Israel's violation of human rights, but it would takes weeks to list all the proven instances of its blatant disregard for human rights over decades. And of course, I would be arguing with people whose minds are immersed in Israeli propaganda. Only a fool argues with fools.

Before or after you read the following article you might want to review Mary Robinson's credentials in the area of human rights activities.

Mary Robinson
Mary Robinson: Human rights are good for business
Global Elders

Jewish groups decry Obama's choice of
Ireland's Mary Robinson for award

Protests against the former Irish president, who critics say is anti-Israel, could become problematic for President Obama.

By Peter Wallsten
August 7, 2009

Reporting from Washington -- Jewish congressional members and lobbying groups are protesting President Obama's decision to award the Presidential Medal of Freedom to former Irish leader Mary Robinson, who they say has a long record of harshly criticizing Israel.

The award announcement prompted the first criticism of Obama by the powerful American Israel Public Affairs Committee, a group he courted during last year's campaign. Jewish groups in the U.S. have been largely supportive of the president. But the Robinson award is the latest in a series of recent disagreements with Obama, and some Jewish leaders are growing skeptical of his commitment to Israel.

Last month, Obama hosted Jewish leaders at a White House meeting designed to soothe tensions over his differences with Israel over the future of Jewish settlements in the West Bank and lingering concern over the tenor of his outreach to the Muslim world.

By Thursday, several members of Congress -- including two Jewish Democrats -- had rebuked the decision to bestow the country's highest civilian honor on Robinson during a White House ceremony planned for Wednesday.

Among their concerns was her role as the United Nations' high commissioner on human rights in the 2001 World Conference Against Racism in Durban, South Africa. The U.S. and Israel pulled out of the conference over objections to a document it produced accusing Israel of racism in its treatment of the Palestinians.

Abraham Cooper, associate dean of the Simon Wiesenthal Center and a member of the Jewish caucus to the conference, said Thursday that Robinson "allowed the event to be hijacked by extremists who had no interest in peace."

The episode, Cooper said, "degraded" the global human rights effort, setting the stage for the second racism conference, held this spring, in which a keynote speaker was Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, a fierce enemy of Israel who has questioned whether the Holocaust occurred.

Robinson "simply did not have the guts . . . to step into the fray and say it can't be this way," Cooper said. "She's a nice woman and a good person, but the fact that you mean well isn't a prerequisite to get our nation's highest honor."

Robinson, Ireland's president from 1990 to 1997, told Irish reporters this week that the accusations had no merit and blamed the controversy on "a lot of bullying by certain elements of the Jewish community."

"They bully people who try to address the severe situation in Gaza and the West Bank," she told a radio network, according to an account in the Belfast Telegraph.

Rep. Shelley Berkley (D- Nev.) said Thursday that the "biased views expressed by Mary Robinson against the nation of Israel remain deeply troubling, and her tarnished record of actions on this issue cannot be erased with the awarding of the Presidential Medal of Freedom."

Berkley blamed Robinson for the "highly charged anti-Jewish attacks against Israel and its supporters" at the 2001 conference and said her actions "deserve to be condemned."

Another Jewish Democrat, Rep. Eliot L. Engel of New York, told the Jewish Telegraphic Agency that awarding the Presidential Medal of Freedom to Robinson was a "screw-up" and a "mistake."

A White House spokesman, Tommy Vietor, on Thursday stood by the president's decision, calling Robinson a key figure in history. "Mary Robinson was the first female president of Ireland, whom we are honoring as a prominent crusader for women's rights in Ireland and around the world," Vietor said. "She has dedicated her career to human rights and working to improve an imperfect world.

"As with any public figure, we don't necessarily agree with every statement she has ever made," Vietor said, "but it's clear that she has been an agent of change and a fighter for good."

Still, the controversy looked to be growing.

The World Jewish Congress on Thursday accused Robinson of an "endorsement of Palestinian violence as legitimate political activity, and the outrageous equating of the Holocaust to the suffering of the Palestinians," adding that Robinson's record "renders her unqualified to receive the nation's highest civilian honor."

The criticism from the American Israel Public Affairs Committee, or AIPAC, which called on Obama to "firmly, fully and publicly repudiate [Robinson's] views on Israel," was especially problematic for the president.

As a candidate, he delivered well-received speeches to the group as he presented himself as a staunch supporter of Israel. AIPAC's incoming president, Lee Rosenberg, is a Chicago friend of Obama's and was a key fundraiser during the campaign.

Defenders of Robinson point to a 2003 op-ed she wrote in the New York Times deploring the rise of anti-Semitism in Europe, and they note that during the 2001 racism conference she waved a booklet of anti-Semitic cartoons and declared, "I am a Jew."

But critics point to a 2002 report compiled by the late Rep. Tom Lantos of California, a Holocaust survivor and delegate to the Durban conference, who said that Robinson's conduct "left our delegation deeply shocked and saddened" by her remarks about Israel.


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irish4palestine said...

LOL I just posted sbout this as well. And did you notice the big headline in the NYpost today? they even go so far as to attack the Catholic religion along with Mary. disgusting AIPAC filth. Never piss off the Irish:):)

Sheilanagig said...

HA HAA....Great minds think alike eh? Or is it fools seldom differ? Ah anyway we are on the same several hits from your site today - ;-) Every little bit helps.


owl of minerva said...

AIPAC is a travesty. An organization that has the interests of a foreign nation in their mind while paying and bullying americans and american politicians. Destroying people's careers and reputations left and right regardless of truth and fairness. I really don't understand how americans find this acceptable. Aren't they supposed to be proud of their independence? It is very upsetting.

owl of minerva said...

sorry that was a very whiny comment. AIPAC is starting to get to me. I think I need an AIPAC self help support group. Or form an anti-AIPAC lobby. Or a milkshake (always puts me in a better mood...).

Sheilanagig said...

LOL @ milkshake. If only that would would work!

I didn't find your comment whiny at fact your thought was well put.


Keeva said...

This is precisely what makes me proud to be a little bit Irish :) I'm especially proud of the Irish for having the guts to take a stand against such blatant tyranny of the Palestinians when so few have the guts to do it.

I know many non-Americans must wonder how we Americans can take it. Well, some of us can't. But most don't even know it is an issue because, let's face it -- the Jews (and yes, it is the Jews -- it is not a "conspiracy theory" or "libel" if it is the truth) own every facet of our media. We are never given the facts or even opposing viewpoints where Israel is concerned. And many -- including well meaning, normally caring people that I know personally -- don't have any idea that they are being lied to. And they are too caught up in the false left/right debate that they can't see that both sides are playing for the same team: AIPAC. And then there is the issue of being a "anti-semite" -- which we have been taught from birth is the worst thing one could EVER be. It is hard to step that far outside of the mainstream and stand your ground. Those of us that do are called crazy or worse ...

I wish I had some hope of it ever changing. I think it could if the economy collapses -- but by then, when the US has outlived its usefulness, Israel will merely latch on to another superpower (most likely China) and we'll become the enemy. Won't be too hard to make the rest of the world hate us since they pretty much already do. Israel will whine about how they were used by the big, bad US and they will once again be the victims.

Anonymous said...

Great Article - keep them coming. AIPAC like a cancer - should be purged with the antibiotic of the truth

Sheilanagig said...

Keeva, it is sad that Americans are suckled on the Zionist teat and haven't a clue about what really goes on. Media encourages this.

I think one reason Ireland supports Palestinian rights so defiantly is its recent experience of barbaric policies of Great Britain waged against the Irish on their home soil. We remember.

Americans have no such recent memories...but that may soon change.

Can't give up hope tho - courage is for seemingly hopeless situations eh?

Thanks for you insightful comment.


Anonymous said...

Erin Go Bragh ! ~~~ ~~~ signed, The Prodigal Son

Anonymous said...

I think we are at the point where whatever is being protested by Jewish organizations, is automatically good cause; as well as the opposite - whatever is endorsed by them, can't be anything but an attack on democratic values. Practically, no other proof is required. It's like the cancer and the body.

Anonymous said...

Palestinians are semites.

Most 'jews' today are not.

They're eastern europeans running around claiming to be semites but modern DNA testing proves they are not.

This is the same DNA testing that proves Rastafarians are not Black Hebrews and the Japanese are not descended of Jesus.

golden*nugget said...

Never pick a fight with an Irish.

Anonymous said...

You know it's bad if the Irish are pissed.

KnownUnknown said...

Abe "You're an anti-semite" Foxman has a letter critisizing Mrs. Robinson on the ADL website.

Strangely enough, there is nothing about the ADL member who was caught with kiddy porn on his computer from Abe "canard" Foxman:

"A director for a Holocaust museum and member of the Anti-Defamation League has been arrested for possessing more than 23 child pornography videos."

irish4palestine said...

Abe "You're an anti-semite" Foxman has a letter critisizing Mrs. Robinson on the ADL website.

Oh FFS, get a fecking life "abe" you tiny insignificant man LOL

he's just jealous he's not Irish :)

Anonymous said...

When no one supported Palestinian Rights, there was the Irish. You have always supported us, and we shall reciprocate against these zio-pigs.

Sheilanagig said...

LOL Irish4pal.

You know the Irish and Palestinians both have a lot of cajones for such small nations fighting Goliaths like Israel and GB.

Only the Irish were fighting GB for 800 years...lets hope it doesnt last so long for Palestine.

Happy Banshee said...


too right! let's hope it does not take 800 years for palestine, although it may take Israel 1000 years to stop playing the never ending victim.

Tiocfaidh Ar La Palestine

free tv show said...

i think it take more than 1000 years to stop playing


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