Sunday, August 30, 2009

Old Cigarette Commercials

It's not difficult to see how corporate marketing created the ideal consumer market in the USA. These old tobacco commercials may seem silly to people today; but, in their day they were highly compelling, resulting in an explosion of smoking behaviour. Massaging the masses is what its all about.

Winston on the Flintstones (1960)

The sobering context for all this is presented in a remarkable documentary, Century of the Self, not to be missed. One of the segments which impressed me the most, details how the tobacco industry aligned itself with the Women's Liberation Movement to double their profits. Warning: this might disturb some viewers (especially, women).

Virginia Slims

We didn't always think the Marlboro Man was someone to model ourselves after. Hope you enjoy these below and I trust you will have moments of revelation as to the ugly face behind the mask of marketing. For 'rational' creatures, humans certainly seem to be well managed by 'irrational' persuasion.


Philip Morris - I Love Lucy (1964)



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