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Common Assault - for Decades

The story below is an extraordinary one for many readers. However, this type of event and worse are a common everyday occurrence in the USA for decades; those in minorities know this well. It is pretty safe to assume that anyone shocked at this type of police brutality hails from at least a white middle class background. But no matter.

The important point of this story, shocking as it may be, is this: it is now entirely legal for law enforcement agents to act in this this way on multiple grounds (which are impossible to legally fight without a trek to the Supreme Court). I wish I could say that grabbing a young girl out of her front yard is the worst that could happen if the officers saw fit to apply 'domestic terrorism' laws to her situation. Brutality and wide discretionary powers in use of violence by police has always been a problem in the USA: and that is when the Bill of Rights was still active to protect them.

Now, almost any act of law enforcement (at the descretion of the agents) is justifiable legally -there are no citizen rights; and you know why. We could, anyone of us, be a 'domestic terrorist'.

Which rights remain? The next to go will be the right to bear arms.

It's all so difficult to believe.
Americans are caught like deer frozen in the headlights of an oncoming truck. At the least the phrase 'Shock and Awe' takes on a really personal meaning now for Americans.

If dear reader, you are shocked by the story below, prepare yourself for much worse now that this is a justifiable use of violence by government agents. This is but a sliver of a glimpse of what people in countries which the US has invaded, have suffered. It would be highly interesting to know whether people who find the below article shocking are in favor of torture.

Throughout this blog are many articles with specific legislation that detail how the Constitution of the USA as been gutted in camera obscura. Feel free to browse; there are many. Non-Americans might take heed also: this type of boiling of frogs slowly can - and does - happen anywhere to any people.

Police assault 12-year-old girl after
mistaking her for a prostitute

Andrew McLemore
December 19, 2008

A girl's family has filed a lawsuit against Galveston police for their assault on their 12-year-old daughter after mistaking her for a prostitute.

As the girl, Dymond Milburn, walked in her front yard, three men jumped out of a van and beat her about the face and throat, one of them telling her, "You're a prostitute. You're coming with me."

Police attacked Milburn despite the fact that she didn't fit the racial description of their suspects: three white prostitutes and a black drug dealer.

Three weeks after Milburn was hospitalized for her injuries, police went to her school and arrested her for assaulting an officer during the incident.

The incident occurred two years ago, and since then, Milburn has suffered behavioral problems, nightmares and post-traumatic stress disorder.

The lawsuit against the officers also alleges that the men thought Dymond, an African-American, was a hooker because of the "tight shorts" she was wearing. Police have not yet apologized for the incident.

The case has gone to trial, but the judge declared a mistrial the first day and a new trial is set for February.

"I think we'll be okay," said Anthony Griffin, Milburn's attorney. "I don't think a jury will find a 12-year-old girl guilty who's just sitting outside her house. Any 12-year-old attacked by three men and told that she's a prostitute is going to scream and yell for Daddy and hit back and do whatever she can. She's scared to death."

The officers' lawyer, William Helfand, said Milburn's father had also been arrested for attacking the officers after his daughter called for him when the police attacked her. Helfand said both would face consequences for their actions.

"It’s unfortunate that sometimes police officers have to use force against people who are using force against them. And the evidence will show that both these folks violated the law and forcefully resisted arrest," Helfand said.

One blogger defended the story from accusations that it was a hoax because it has not been picked up by the national media and many of the facts come from the Milburn's attorney.

But the blogger points out that neither the Galveston police department nor the Galveston district attorney’s office have responded to inquiries about the case.

As for the mainstream press, he asks. "Why don’t 90 percent of the abuses of power we look at on this site get covered by the national media?"



Texas Police Brutality


Comments (from the source)

Sorry , if you're innocent of course you're going to fight back. we need tougher mental testing for cops. they've run amuk.Every week it's something about cops beating or tasing someone who turns out to be innocent. We need tough standards for cops, not the bottom of the barrel standards.
alfredeneuman | Homepage | 12.19.08 - 9:50 pm
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Good Question
sims | Homepage | 12.19.08 - 11:03 pm
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Stop hiring steroidal, racist idiots as cops.
ROBinDALLAS | Homepage | 12.19.08 - 11:46 pm
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I hope each one of those cops is shot in the face.
Anonymous | Homepage | 12.19.08 - 11:56 pm
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Why would anyone bring up children in Texas? That in itself should constitute child abuse. And a black girl? God if she weren't raped by a priest, cop, teacher, Evangelical Preacher, Illegal Alien, or politician, before she was 16 it would be considered a Texas miracle. Give Texas back to Mexico. Let it ruin their country.
Attila | Homepage | 12.20.08 - 12:25 am
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This is government, arrogant and out of control. This is the reason we have the 2nd Amendment(is it still there?) Do we now need "neighborhood militias" to protect innocent citizens from attack by crazed Nazis? Apparently, especially if the innocent citizens are black.
bobby rogers | Homepage | 12.20.08 - 12:30 am
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If cops think they can ratchet up the stupidity to keep the sense of immunity the Republicans have bestowed on them in the past eight years, they might have better luck spending their entire paychecks on lottery tickets. That way they might stand a chance of keeping their own butts out of jail and maybe can retire early. The world has changed. A twelve year old? Screaming for daddy? Somebody's freaking blind AND stupid. And maybe heterophobic to boot.
Dan | Homepage | 12.20.08 - 12:31 am
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This girl and her father need to call out to some national organizations for help and investigate Civil Rights abuses. This attorney sounds suspicious he could easily get national attention and help on this case.
Acleacius | Homepage | 12.20.08 - 12:35 am
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foxx | Homepage | 12.20.08 - 12:49 am
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AND THEN THE POLICE OFFICE BASTARDS CALL PEOPLE ASKING FOR DONATIONS? Who in the world would consider giving a cent to those animals? I'd suggest the people who hire and assess applicants wanting to become people servants should send them to a psychiatrist to see if they're mentally fit for the job. They should also take classes on common sense and respect. YOU'RE NOT RECEIVING A SINGLE CENT FROM ME!!!
The Boss | Homepage | 12.20.08 - 12:56 am
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Sounds like it's time for people in the community to find out who these officers are and then help them make a street adjustment in their attitudes. Ah, that would be anonymously, of course. We wouldn't want these officers to veer too far off the straight and narrow now, would we?
Ex-Marine | Homepage | 12.20.08 - 1:43 am
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Horray for the think blue line! I feel SO MUCH SAFER knowing there are no 12 yo female criminals loitering about their backyards.

Perhaps they should protect us from old men playing chess in the park next?
Jhoffa_ | Homepage | 12.20.08 - 2:47 am
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What we need is some accountability.

Let a few cops be sued personally for outrageous behavior like this and you'd see a change very quickly. Just throw them under the bus. It's not like they're doing any good on the street anyway, if they're beating up 12 yo girls in their backyards.

Cops need to learn that responsibility comes with, well.. responsibility.
Jhoffa_ | Homepage | 12.20.08 - 2:50 am
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The cops should be thrown in jail, the city, for not immediately condemning the actions of the felonious cops should be sued into the ground, and the prosecutors who allowed charges to be filed against the 12 year old girl should also be jailed as
accomplices to the felony assault.

Come on... please... this has to stop.
normanx | Homepage | 12.20.08 - 7:02 am
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When I was chairman of our local civil service commission, I found the written test was ranked high to low the physical agility was ranked high to low, but the psychological test was a pass/fail.

I requested and received a forced high to low ranking from the testing agent.

The additional testing time only costs more in the short run – it can save a ton in the long run.
jack | Homepage | 12.20.08 - 7:57 am
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Talk about abuse of power and/or no common sense! Either way these guys are idiots.
skyreader7 | Homepage | 12.20.08 - 8:10 am
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Selection for the police academy is horrid. They look for stupid people who "won't be bored walking a beat, sitting in a car...".

Nobody with a brain is invited to join the police force. Their policies are as stupid as the cops.
darker | Homepage | 12.20.08 - 8:41 am
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How bloody fukin horrible.

I hope those bastards rot in hell.

I can only hope that the girl can recover from this trauma.

DKJ | Homepage | 12.20.08 - 8:56 am
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Of course they wouldn't at least apologize. They're assholes!
wtf!! | Homepage | 12.20.08 - 9:04 am
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The headline should have read, charges droped against father who shot three officers attempting to molest and kidnap his daughter...
jmndodge | Homepage | 12.20.08 - 9:11 am
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My own comment on these comments is that none of them reflect an awareness of the real trouble in store as the consequences of gluttinous shopping and video game activities allowing the Big Dogs to do as they please. Clueless.

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