Sunday, December 7, 2008

Things I read December 6, 2008

More Mayhem & Death At Wal-Mart
Surprise, surprise!

US Recession May Be Worst Since World War II
The horrible truth begins to hit the headlines and the American psyche.

Cluster bomb treaty: US, Russia and China opt out
Hope they only use them on each other.

Ancient city discovered deep in Amazonian rainforest linked to the legendary
white-skinned Cloud People of Peru
Recall of Irish pork over contamination gets underway
Oh lord, and I have a freezer full of it. Think the damage is worse than smoking?

Markets News Friday: US retail sales plunge to lowest since at least 1969; Merrill Lynch says oil may fall to as low as $25 a barrel

RIGHTS-EUROPE: Scandal over CIA "Renditions" Flights Revived
Portugal raises the issue; but it is not to our credit that the Irish did not. I wonder why not?

Irregular military
The new threat for continual global war from the USA.

US Defence Secretary seeks to place ‘irregular warfare’ at centre of American military institution.

Irregular WarfareOne Nature, Many Characters

AP Exclusive: Pentagon to recruit aliens on visas

New video and photographic evidence that puts three senior CIA operatives at the scene of Robert Kennedy's assassination has been brought to light.
The CIA has been at it for decades: they are just getting around to the newspeak 'Irregular Warfare'.

Spying on pacifists, environmentalists and nuns
Maryland officials now concede that, based on information gathered by "Lucy" and others, state police wrongly listed at least 53 Americans as terrorists in a criminal intelligence database -- and shared some information about them with half a dozen state and federal agencies, including the National Security Agency.

Hitler was the perfect boss: Former maid breaks her silence on the 'charming' dictator
Maybe Bush is a nice guy too.

Police: Couple Chained and Tortured Boy
Emaciated 17-Year-Old Foster Child Wandered Into Fitness Center, Bloodied and Shackled

Obama: Born On Krypton


Lebanese farmer Khalil Semhat holds his giant potato in the southern Lebanese city of Tyre. The enormous vegetable weighs 11.3 kilos (24.9 pounds) and Semhat says he is planning on contacting the Guiness Book of Records. (AFP/null) A security official stands among burnt military vehicles on the outskirts of Peshawar December 7, 2008.

Hordes of Pakistani militants set on fire 96 trucks carrying Humvees and military vehicles for Western forces in Afghanistan in a raid in the northwestern city of Peshawar on Sunday, police said.

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