Wednesday, December 17, 2008

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White House inundated with shoes
from all over the world

Washington D.C.
December 25, 2008
Christmas will be bountiful for the Bush's at the White House this year; they have received 10 million pairs of shoes sent to them from all over the world.

Many people took the time and trouble to let George Bush know exactly how much they appreciated his services to the world as president. At least one million of the shoes were children's sizes, from the families of Iraqi parents whose children were killed or maimed over the past five years.

The arrival of mountains of shoes in envelopes and boxes created a logistical nightmare for White House security and the NSA. Sixteen tandem semi-trailors were needed to move the shoes from the post office to the White House per day for the past two weeks. X-ray machines were borrowed from local hospitals to accomodate the heavy load of packages to be x-rayed and the army was called in to expedite processing of the volume.

President Bush was overwhelmed with emotion as he thanked people from all over the world who sent him farewell presents. He said he was satisfied to be able to bring democracy and freedom to so many unfortunates of the world and wished all a Merry Christmas.

Meanwhile, health officials at the White House have reported a strange odor emanating from the storage area for the shoes. President Bush is in no danger according to his personal physician and Dr. Maxwell from Department of Communicable Disease Control has confirmed the odor is just fermented fungi of the feet normally found in shoes. The National Guard will be called in to open the shoe boxes and burn those that are unsuitable for resale after Christmas.

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