Friday, September 12, 2008

EU and China must choose

All the bluster and saber rattling between Iran and Israel, and Russia and the USA has just taken a lethal turn. Russia, Syria and Iran have entered a military alliance and will open a Russian military base on the the Mediterranean at Tartus.

Bluffs are about to be called.

The two actors in this grim drama who have the ability to end this threat of war are China and the EU. Both have declined, in essence, to support either the West or Russia, and in doing so have abandoned their responsibility to guide the planet toward peaceful coexistence rather than nuclear war.

If the USA is left unchecked, the planet will surely suffer another catastrophic war which may transport earthlings back ten thousand years. Afterall, the USA has little to lose at this point and is fighting for its survival in a trap it engineered itself. It's currency is doomed; it's hegemonic ambitions thwarted by Russia, its citizens at the brink of insurrection and bankruptcy and its international credibility scarred beyond recognition. A cornered animal is a dangerous one, albeit, the neocon leadership is entirely responsible for the situation in which America finds itself.

Yet, the consequences of uncontrolled military aggression will fall on the citizens of Europe. This is where the war will be waged and no regulation by the EU will be able to restore prosperity to Europe for decades to come. When European countries created the EU, giving up a bit of sovereignity to empower it, the hope was for prosperity through cooperation in peace. But now, those dreams are shot to hell in endorsing USA led NATO installations, by the EU leadership.

Time for the EU to grow up and get some cajones for the benefit of its union and all its citizens. Time for the EU to make a stand against warmongers and truly espouse the goals of prosperity through peace. Time for the EU leadership to throw American warmongers out of Europe. No other stance will protect European people from the ravages of war that the USA/Israel interests have planned for it. Time to give NATO a decent burial and redefine the interests of Europe as separate from those of the USA.

Putin is right: a unipolar world is no longer viable, especially ruled by insane hegemons. Cheney and his Machiavellian cohorts have proved themselves unworthy, unethical megalomaniacs. Nothing will depose them except world condemnation.

China and the EU must come out against this atrocious posturing of the USA/Israel toward nuclear war. If they do not, what will history say about them? Who will China and the EU trade with after the bombs have fallen? Let us remember Burke: All that is necessary for evil to succeed is for enough good men to do nothing.

If the EU and China will not step up to the plate, then citizens must pressure them to do so. For it is the people of both places who will suffer the consequences of the insanity of war. There will be no corporate profits for shareholders to divide because there will be few left to buy goods. How will their neutrality serve the prosperity they desire for their citizens?

Enough is enough. Let those who weild power now use it for the good of all. The USA must be stopped for the world to even begin to be at peace. A word to the wise is sufficient. Time for long term strategy for peace to replace short term hunger for profits.

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