Saturday, September 20, 2008

To see or not to see? Catch 22

by Sheilanagig
Anyone Westerner who is not appalled, horrified and deeply disgusted or angry about the state of the world now is just not paying attention. Perhaps these are the lucky ones; after all, there does not seem to be much we can actually do about the oncoming train wreck of humanity, even if we know about it. The logic is not unsound; if we were to know the end of life as we know it was coming to an end, wouldn't the best choice
be to spend the time enjoying our families and friends?

Yet there is something deeply disturbing about a civilization that waltz's off the cliff of disaster, intoxicated with itself and oblivious to other people and the planet. At times, I feel as though I am wandering among delighted zombies finding only a few other people who see what is happening. Meeting another who is following this madness in the world is the only comfort that keeps me going. As they say great minds think alike; or, was it fools seldom differ?

It has become an existential dilemma, a Catch 22 that torments me and if it was not for the Internet, I would have no outlet for the frustration at being seemingly helpless to change the course of events which look evermore likely to sweep our civilization away. Did I mention that were it not for the Internet I would be blissfully ignorant like all the lucky zombies around me?

On the one hand, the only hope the people of earth have is to band together and take back their power from the governments (that is to say leaders). This requires a shared awareness of what the dangers are and a will to stop the insanity. So the logical and ethical course for me is to communicate as much as possible to win enough support with people I meet for hope to be an option. Did I mention this type of subject matter not only makes one look like a flaming nut, but drives all but social lepers out of range of any conversation?

On the other hand, doing nothing and keeping my mouth shut would probably make a happier social and family environment, if in fact, there is a collapse of civilization imminent. It is a rather hopeless and cynical option, but not entirely unattractive. After all, I can't be expected to save the whole world; I'm not even sure I can save myself.

A third option would be welcome. The 50% solution might work: half the time can be spent in enjoyment and bliss, the other half, pursuing the horrible progression of the upcoming maelstrom with an ad hoc strategy, understanding that nothing is impossible, nor is anything for certain. Did I mention that this type of psychological compartmentalisation is rather difficult under the best of circumstances?

One thing is for sure: after the food shortage does its work, the population of earth (about 6
billion) will decline rapidly. About 50% of earth's inhabitants are well aware of their fate and food riots in some 70 countries across the world are becoming a critical destabilising factor in political instability in third world countries. The other 50% hasn't been hit yet; they are still waltzing through their capitalist dream and are not only unaware of the other half; but choose to be unaware. Although that ugliness might ruin the party.

What will history say of our strategy? Will those who manage to survive learn something from our failure? Will they see us as fools, complicit idiots in the destruction of our civilization? Perhaps they will see this period as a necessary culling of herd for the survival of all. Maybe cosmic events such as the long predicted meteor will cleanse the planet of the human virus and millenia can proceed with evolution again. The number of outcomes for the present situation is daunting. From global warming, to nuclear annihilation, to another pandemic.

At the end of the day, I prefer to be aware. For one thing, it will make the time I am living now much more valuable and give a sense of appreciation for the mundane pleasures of life. Many who almost die say that the experience had one of the best effects ever on their clarity and enjoyment of life. As for hope in creating an awareness, it is a person's choice to be unaware. Some minds can be nudged and opened, delicately. Other minds would not open with the Jaws of Life. Why waste precious time on them?

But some days I still ask myself, Why, oh why, didn't I take the BLUE pill?

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