Tuesday, September 9, 2008

WW3 - Media preamble

Probably many are wondering, like me, how exactly is the USA going to start this war in Europe aimed at securing an energy corridor for Caspian oil to western markets. Well, the logical first step is to isolate your 'enemy' which in this case for the USA, is Russia. This plan has the multiple advantages: 1) securing USA hegemony geopolitically 2) accessing oil reserves to boost the ailing American economy 3) increasing military-industrial trade for a country that has nothing to export but war and 4) keeping its citizens out of the line of domestic military events (so they can more easily identify the 'villians' the media will drip feed for them), 5) rebrand the USA as 'reasonable' defenders of the innocent globally 6) boost the election campaign of John McCain.

Yes, the 'good guy, bad guy' metaphor is the one they the USA media spin masters will use now against Russia. Mostly this sort of rhetorical tripe bores me to tears; however, seeing there is a possible world war in the making, it might be useful to interpret the American rhetoric for those toward whom it is aimed. This new war will first be fought in the arena of the public opinion.

I would like to paraphase the article below, through my own bias of course, to make it more understandable for the mentally handicapped amoung us, for which the article is surely intended.

U.S. rules out unilateral steps against Russia

By Thom Shanker and Steven Lee Myers
Published: September 9, 2008

WASHINGTON: The Bush administration, after considerable internal debate, has decided not to take direct punitive action against Russia for its conflict with Georgia, concluding that it has little leverage if it acts unilaterally and that it would be better off pressing for a chorus of international criticism to be led by Europe.

We have learned an important lesson from 'going it alone' from the Iraq debacle. This time we will do as we please, but only after getting everyone on our side. We hate to be perceived as the 'bad guys'.

In recent interviews, senior administration officials said the White House had concluded that American punishments like economic sanctions or blocking Russia from world trade groups would only backfire, deepening Russia's intransigence and allowing the Kremlin to narrow the regional and global implications of its invasion of Georgia to an old-fashioned Washington-Moscow dispute.

We can't get sanctions passed against Russia, so let's just say we decided against them because we are soo wise.

Even as they vowed to work with allies, administration officials conceded that they wished the European Union had been willing to take firmer action than issuing tepid statements criticizing Russia's conduct. But the officials said the benefits of remaining part of a united front made it prudent for the United States to accept the softer approach advocated by Italy and Germany, among other allies.

Dam Eurotrash! How dare they defy us! We will play their little game until the oil corridors are secured by American military, then they will dance to our tune happily.

Some within the administration have argued for a more hawkish response, saying that Moscow probably intends to impose its will among independent states along its borders. They say the Kremlin is signaling to Ukraine, the Baltic nations and Poland that it is back in the game of regional hegemony, and they say it must be deterred.

Russia played its part well and did a great job of scaring the shite out of all the other Caucasas countries: Regional hegemons will not be tolerated as long as the USA is the BIG DOG, unless we say so.

In the first days of the conflict, for example, Vice President Dick Cheney reflected the view of administration hard-liners who saw Russia's offensive as justifying their skepticism and a policy that the Kremlin's actions would "not go unanswered." In his more recent comments, Cheney has stuck with the administration's emerging position of a more calibrated response.

We knew they were no goodniks; but we wanted to be fair and support Russians in the hopes of civilizing their sorry asses, BECAUSE WE ARE THE GOOD GUYS. But now we understand, some nations do not understand kindness and cannot be civilized. Alas and alack for Russia.

In an interview, Defense Secretary Robert Gates described the administration as having come to a unified position that calls for "a long-term strategic approach — not one where we react tactically in a way that has negative strategic consequences."

Short term bullying hasn't worked too well; we will try long term bullying.

The United States essentially would be asserting a home truth: that Georgia's invader so disqualified itself - hey, Putin insists Tehran's program is peaceful, not military - it can no longer to be allowed to act as both as Iran's provider of nuclear wherewithal and arms, and derail serious sanctions in its gatekeeper capacity at the United Nations Security Council.

Russia, though they have been exceedingly cooperative in restricting sales of military weapons to America's enemies, is now just like Iran: nuclear maniacs who wish to destroy the good democratic people of the world. Iran is evil; Russia is Iran's friend: therefore, Russia is evil. Guilt by association.

To do this, the Bush administration would have to open direct U.S.-Iran talks. It wouldn't only be a Bush administration gift to McCain, who's stuck with a rigid "no" on negotiations with Iran while Obama backs direct ones.

We won't talk to Iran; we won't talk to Russia; we don't talk to evil nations. We blow them away.

Much more, the move lifts the United States from paralysis, undercuts Russia and serves as the best available demonstration of America's will and capacity to act.

AHA! A way out of our drowning economy, our civil unrest, a way to show the world we are truly destined to be 'masters of the universe'.

This approach offers an escape from the just-woofin' on Georgia routine that turns Jacques Chirac and Gerhard Schröder into posthumous visionaries concerning America's diminished world leverage.

Glad that old Eurotrash Chirac & Shroeder are gone; the new breed of French and German leaders are right where we want them; under our economic multi-national jackboot (Good dog, good dog).

Whatever the many other measures the United States and Europe need to take to protect Georgia and chasten Russia, it would provide a path and a perspective until Jan. 20, 2009, on the most pressing world problem.

That problem being: how can USA be Earth's hegemon if Russia keeps deliberately upsetting our plans?

Indeed, Georgia's tragedy is in part the child of Russia's reading of America's passivity on Iran.

We were just minding our own business in Iraq, when the Russia's became vicious in attacking our peacekeeping missile shields in the Czech Republic and Poland via Georgia.

Coupled now with U.S. insistence that all its options are open through any talks with the mullahs, breaking this mold that magnifies Moscow's importance would be Washington sending Russia an unmistakable and constructive message: enough.

Russia better get the message: USA dominates the globe. Don't dare think of resisting the USA; we control everything and will make you pay if you defy us.

Gates, a career Kremlinologist and former director of central intelligence, said: "We are all agreed that we need to stay very much in close collaboration with the Europeans and others.

We have to whup Eurotrash into alignment with the 'vision' we have. We will threaten them with every means possible, including consequences which hit them in the cajones: decreasing corporate profits.

I think there is a sense that we do have the time to calibrate reactions carefully. And I think there is agreement not to take any precipitous actions. But there is also agreement on the importance of continued support for Georgia's territorial integrity."

Oh lord, when will the EU understand WE ARE the masters? We decide who is a country and who is not. We must be patient with the EU until they willingly accept their servility to American global domination.

"We are all agreed that we need to stay very much in close collaboration with the Europeans and others." He cautioned that "if we act too precipitously, we could be the ones who are isolated."

Dam those European media who criticized us in Iraq. This time, our war will be waged by pressuring all our commercial allies to support us ideologically, OR ELSE!

As part of the new strategy, President George W. Bush notified Congress on Monday that, "in view of recent actions" by Russia, he was withdrawing from consideration an agreement for civilian nuclear cooperation that he and Vladimir Putin, then Russia's president and now the prime minister, negotiated in April after years of effort. While the step was the most meaningful show of displeasure the United States has made over Russia's military action in Georgia, it also reflected a more cautious response.

The deal was all but certain to die in Congress anyway, and the agreement could be revived by the administration should Russia's behavior improve, officials said.

Well, we have no military potency left....so we will use what we have to paint the Russians out of the picture....even if it is a crock of shite.

The issue of how to manage Russia is also playing into presidential politics. Senator John McCain, the Republican nominee, has long called for excluding Russia from the Group of 8 industrialized powers and has urged a firmer response. Senator Barack Obama, the Democratic nominee, has criticized the Kremlin's decision to go into Georgia but has made it clear that he favors more engagement.

Doesn't matter who is elected: warmonger 1 or warmonger 2. Either way, look out Europe and Central Asia. The AMERICANS are coming!

While the United States has been cautious in moving to punish Russia, it has thrown significant support behind Georgia, including a $1 billion economic assistance package that Bush proposed last week. The aid, officials said, was to shore up Georgia's economy and to help the political standing of President Mikheil Saakashvili, the republic's battered leader.

WE punish because WE are the judges of the world. Those countries who wish to be in our good graces for military aid (the only export we have) had better toe the mark, or will be 'isolated' also.

Overall, the administration's strategy reflects a desire to defend Georgia's territorial sovereignty and its symbolic role as an emerging democracy, while not precluding cooperation with Russia on a number of important long-term national security interests, including counterterrorism, nonproliferation and efforts to halt narcotics traffic.

We want our cake and to eat it too. Bar the intervention of Allah, we shall have it.

While the United States and Russia continue to share a number of national security interests, Gates said, "We would still like to see Russia headed toward a more constructively collaborative role in dealing with international problems — rather than throwing their food on the floor."

The ungrateful Russians must learn to kiss the hand of their masters. If not, the world will think of them as an ungrateful child.

In other interviews, a range of senior administration officials argued that Russia is already paying a price for its actions, as foreign investors appeared to be removing or withholding assets, prompting a decline in the ruble since the Kremlin's forces crossed into Georgia. The Russian stock market has also plummeted.

The price of defying USA hegemony is total national ruin. Read and learn those of you who wish to survive.


How refreshing that Russia does not involve itself in this dialogue of the American megalomaniacs. I shudder to think of the mentality of those readers who take the USA rhetoric as truth.


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