Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Left is right in USA

Left is right in USA

Preface: Every once in a while I come across a forum post that perfectly describes some more abstract concept with such a simple metaphor that I must save it. This post is from the EU forum and addresses the difference between 'left' in Europe and 'left' in America. It is taken from it's conversational context.

Makedonia is Hellas
Location: Thessaloniki,Hellas Mon Sep 15, 2008
To portray what constitutes the "left" in America as "socialist" or "communist" is so completely ridiculous that invoking such an argument exposes your brainwashed mind . . . .the "left" in America is a business friendly entity . . . not unlike their reich wing opponents.

Here's the difference: The Republicans believe ferevently in oligarchy/plutocracy . . .all not "born to the silver" are coarse, low workers . . . NIGGERS, if you like.Like the Niggers in the old plantation system of the Antebellum South, the new niggers exist only to slave on master's plantation.
The new niggers live only to serve the plantation and enrich master. if one of them niggers come sick, master have overseer toss sick nigger out to die . . . loss of nigger is no concern to master . . . master can always find more niggers to enslave on his plantation. Niggers are good, cheap and if you be harsh enough . . . quiet and docile.

Now Mexicans make GREAT new niggers . . . they haven't grown up with much so they will take more shit and accept even less than American niggers (both white and black!) .
So them Mexican niggers help to keep them other niggers in line by depressing the wages and keepin the "employed" white and black niggers just unsettled enough about their sweet sweet jobs that they don't organize to demand master at least give them enough to live on..

Rich countries in Europe have their niggers too.The difference is that we have unions to help "civilize" master- that's why they bring in the brown people we all hate ..to give us a distraction . . .a scapegoat if you will- to blame all our troubles on when it is really the Pigcorporate Agenda and master uses the brown people here in Europe just like master uses the mexicans in America- to depress wages and keep niggers unsettled enough to be "thankful" master doesn't throw us into the street, but "allows" us to be his niggers!

Now what constitutes the "Left" (Democrats) also likes the plantation system and sees all the same opportunities to exploit the working folks (they are too political sensitive to call them niggers . . .they call them"labor" or "working families").
They recognize that it is, essentially, cheaper to provide for the niggers a little bit better than the plutocrats.See if you provide healthcare for niggers ,they can show up to work and get more done and you don't have to keep retraining new niggers to do the same work 'cause you wore out the previous nigger ,so you have a more efficient plantation . .

(In case you wonder why I have chosen this topic to reply to you; any topic will do since you've been dribbling all over the place!)

by Makedonia is Hellas on Mon Sep 15, 2008 9:35 am


Panther said...

How the world would be different if John Kennedy hadn't been killed !


I was 5 years old when Jack Kennedy was elected President of the United States of America, and 7 when he was killed. The entire world was shocked by the tragic untimely death of a great man who was to me one of the finest men in human history. He epitomises the belief I have in Peace, freedom and independence and the memory of his death will never leave me. God bless JFK.

I have no doubt that World Politics Today would have been totally different if this great man had not been killed by those who conspired and likely still do against the entire human race.

"JFK" was assassinated on November 22, 1963, in Dallas, Texas. Lee Harvey Oswald was charged with the crime and was murdered two days later by Jack Ruby before he could be put on trial. The Warren Commission concluded that Oswald had acted alone in killing the president; however, the House Select Committee on Assassinations declared in 1979 that there was more likely a conspiracy that included Oswald. The entire subject remains controversial, with multiple theories about the assassination still being debated. The event proved to be an important moment in U.S. history because of its impact on the nation and the ensuing political repercussions. Today, Kennedy continues to rank highly in public opinion ratings of former U.S. presidents.

Sheilanagig said...

And guess what Panther.....


Indeed, it took more than a decade for the Zapruder film to come out which disproved the Warren Commissions ridiculous conclusions.

Isn't this exactly what JFK was saying in his speech? That secrecy was the highest order of those in power?

I always thought that Jacquiline knew who did it...and maybe Onassis too. Perhaps she was threatened with the lives of her children to be silent. We may never know.

But the same scenario is now played out with 911. I have also suspected that the same group behind the Kennedy assasination is involved in 911. Of course, there is no proof for either suspicion.

It does give one pause to reconsider the NWO theories in a more serious light. It is like the question I am afraid to ask because I might not be able to handle the answer.

Thanks for your comment!

instant said...

What movie is that still from ? With the naked rowers I mean.


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