Tuesday, January 13, 2009

'Axis of Evil' v. the 'Axis of Evil'?

Why don't we hear of stories like this one in the mainstream media? The people of earth are screaming for justice and intervention in Gaza and not one government has stood up. Yet here are two governments, designated on the 'Axis of Evil' who ARE calling for a global response to the war crimes that continue at this very moment, and the media doesn't find it newsworthy!!!???

And you probably know why.

If the actions of Iran and Venezuela calling for a world stance against the war crimes of the Israelis occurring as you read, are the actions of 'terrorists', then perhaps we are on the wrong side. For they seem to be the only ones with enough cajones to stand up against the real 'Axis of Evil': USA - Israel - Great Britain. The only hope the world has to contain these bullies is to stand together and expel their embassies until they decide to act civilized.

Ahmadinejad, Chavez Call
for World Summit on Gaza


Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and his Venezuelan counterpart Hugo Chavez called for organizing a global summit to find a resolution to end Gaza catastrophe.
During their phone talk, the two presidents condemned Israel's slaughter of civilians in Gaza and stressed Palestine's nation will overcome Zionists through resistance and perseverance.

The two presidents then emphasized leaders of different countries must hold a summit to find a way that ends the current situation in Gaza, the Iranian students news agency reported.
Iran's President then appreciated Chavez for his revolutionary stances towards Israel and supporting Gazans and asserted through any possible way the Zionists must be prevented from continuing offensives against Gaza Strip.

Venezuelan President expelled Israeli ambassador as he put it in a "gesture of dignity" to show condemnation to Israeli massive offensives against Gaza.
On December 27 Israel launched military operation Cast Lead on Gaza Strip already crippled by a tight economic blockade. Palestinians death toll has passed 800 people and the number of injured reaches 3310. Israel has acknowledged it will continue the operation despite UN Security Council resolution 1860 which has urged Tel Aviv to accept an immediate ceasefire.

Meantime, Venezuela expelled Israeli ambassador to Caracas in reaction to the massacre of the Palestinians in the Gaza Strip. Hundreds of Basiji students here on Thursday gathered outside Venezuelan Embassy in Tehran to thank Venezuelan government's expulsion of Zionist regime's envoy. The Basijis offered wreath of flower to thank Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez government for expulsion of the diplomat from its territory. They chanted "Hero Hugo Chavez, the supporter of the oppressed," "Oh revolutionary Chavez, thank you, thank you", "Long live freedom lover Chavez" and "Compromising Arabs shame on you.

Some of the demonstrators too asked Arab states to take lessons from Venezuelan government that expelled the Israeli ambassador.

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