Thursday, January 29, 2009

Obama, Raytheon and the war machine

Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.

Hope for an new strategy for the American empire under Obama is fading fast. Just as Bush picked Cheney, the CEO for Haliburton for his VP (or was it that Haliburton picked Bush for president? - We shall never know), now we have the Great Hope of America Obama picking a man deeply embedded in the manufacture of products that kill people on a massive scale to his cabinet.

Raytheon is a company that six women in Northern Ireland briefly shut down in protest of the company's part in supplying Israel with the bombs they used on women and children. Derry Anti War Protesters Blockade Raytheon The president now may be more popular, but may a wolf in lambs cloaking. Raytheon's company profile may be found here. Can you imagine a man who has spent his whole life building war machines advocating peace?

The video below also reveals disturbing evidence of Obama's duplicity. Pretty is as pretty does and so far Obama is not looking too good. We all had misgivings about his pick of a cabinet decidedly pro-war and similar to Bush's cabinet. If American's have been fooled again, they will pay with the future of their children.
I believe before the end of 2009, America will again have a mandatory draft for an attack on Iran. I hope I am wrong, but afraid I am right.


starsailor said...

Great blog!

Obama's starting to look like a pretty face on an ugly truth.

Check out my fav site for the real scoop:

Slan, Neil

Sheilanagig said...

Good on ya neil for your nice comment!

Yes I will check sott...I like that site also.

Whether the news is good or bad from Obama, we'll have to get through it.

I only know together we are stronger.

Good luck.


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