Sunday, January 18, 2009

Things I read - Jan 18, 09 - Forgive, Forget, and Shhhh.

The Flight of Reason
An exceptionally well written examination of the 'big picture'. Long but very worthwhile...nice flowing style.

Amy Goodman: Nothing to fear except no health care

Forgive Bush, Forget Gaza?

The Moral Dead Zone

Forgive and Forget?
Establishment Washington unifies against prosecutions

2010 is 1984?
NSA’s Wiretapping of Americans being outsourced to Israeli Companies?!?!

Don't sleepwalk into Big Brother surveillance, schools warned
Let's get the children used to a surveillance society early.

Maryland police and their weird war on 'terror'

There are more and more of these stories cropping up.
Taken with the article above, we are going back to the future: 1984

The troopers zeroed in on Roman Catholic nuns,
human rights activists and church groups.
They monitored animal rights advocates and cyclists
pushing for more bicycle lanes. They opened a dossier on Amnesty International. (That group's crime was listed as "human rights.")
The troopers created files with titles like:
"Terrorism: Anti-War Protesters," and
"Terrorism: Anti-Govern," and
"Terrorism: Environmental Extremists," and
"Terrorism: Pro-Life."
To Maryland's finest, even Quakers, the ultimate pacifists,
constituted a "security
threat group."
For a real life forum case of surveillance click here

No smoking in most of Belmont California, not even at home
Not a joke. In Great Britain and Ireland, they were entertaining a law to prohibit smoking in a car, alone or not.

Deal to lease African farmland to rich countries collapses after backlash against 'colonialism'

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Rugfish said...

An historical perspective from John Harris

The video is described thus;

THE TRUTH - Part 1 HistoryBristol talks with his message which encapsulates our true position in the world, and how we got here. Recent findings and collaboration with TPUC members & fellow researchers has allowed John to present in simple terms his understanding of Political and Regal history, Common Law, Statute Law, Contracting and much more.

He gives a stand up account of history and Magna Carta's relevance to us.
Interestingly, he asks who in a subject sovereignty, is represented.
I noted the premise of this question wasn't really explored further when talking of the creation of parliament, but if you think about it, if a member of parliament has no legal requisite to actually represent his constituent electors ( us ),then "we" have no political rights at all. We actually get a choice of parties but the party we elect has no legal requisite to actually carry out its manifesto. Even in the case of referenda a government and parliament has no duty to act on it but instead ( like an MP ), can act on its own conscience and thus ignore the people.

Check the video out.


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