Thursday, January 15, 2009

The Israeli hit list page for Aid workers in Gaza

Yes, there is an Israels hit page dedicated to identifying and assassinating any one who helpe Hamas. It's unbelievable to find such murderers on the web; I am certain it must be illegal. Oh wait, it's the Israeli's who are threatening lives (complete with pictures and addresses) it must be OK because they can do no wrong (shhh - Holocaust, you know).

This url will shock you. And is a testament to the heart and soul of Zionists.
Ewa Jasiewicz needs to be a target of IDF forces as well as she has shown she is in Gaza to work for Hamas and other Palestinian terror groups like DFLP. A picture of Ewa is below. If you know of her exact location, please email us at so we can target and take her out once and for all.
Visit the site: more 'wanted posters'.

[Update: January 16th, 2009....the site above has been removed from the net. However, the article below is still there, without pictures.....hmmm]

The article here.


Thinking....... said...

That is a hate site. Originating in the US. That is what some do put out hit lists. Black lists are similar.

Sheilanagig said...

It is indeed a hate site. How did you know where it originates?

BTW, the site is no longer there but the uknet article is, sans pictures.

One day action....pretty quick.

Thinking....... said...


Dear Friends of Israel,

Please use these talking points to enhance your conversations about Israel and the current situation in Gaza / Southern Israel… Israel needs your help now! Please don’t just watch the news, be a part of teaching others about what is going on.

These are very important facts to share with elected officials, journalists, your professors, your peers, and bloggers. There is far too much ignorance out there regarding what led up to this operation. You can make a difference….

Please use these points on Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, and wherever you are having conversations about the current situation facing Israel.

2. The IDF targets terrorist outposts and always attempts to limit civilian casualties.
3. The definition of TERRORISM is the deliberate targeting of civilians, which HAMAS does daily to Israel.
4. Israel is, and always has been, sending food and humanitarian aid into Gaza through the Karni and Keren crossings.
5. HAMAS is arbitrarily firing rockets into Israeli civilian areas including nursery schools, hospitals, and shopping malls.
6. Israel left Gaza for peace in August of 2005 and has been attacked from Gaza with thousands of rockets ever since.
7. Israeli citizens live with post-traumatic stress syndrome as a result of daily rocket attacks.
8. Israelis only have 15 seconds to run into bomb shelters once a rocket is fired by Hamas.
9. HAMAS’ incitement and ammunition build-up has reached dangerous levels and during the last week alone we have seen HUNDREDS of rockets fired into Israel.
10. Hamas openly admits to using civilians as human shields.
11. How would the US react to a missile attack on its citizens coming from Canada or Mexico?
12. Israel, as any viable democracy, must defend its citizens.
13. While Gaza suffers under Hamas’ rule, the West Bank has witnessed an upsurge in economic activity.
Now go here and what do you find.
They even use the taking points on the UN. I have come across a few of these guys over the past while in web forums etc. They target anyone who wants to help those in Gaza. They are very nasty and love to belittle you and call you down to the lowest. And of course they threaten you with being charged etc etc. They are doing the very same thing that was done at the beginning of the war in Iraq. Only then it was Americans and it may still be a few of them as well. The use the same type of scripts however.
So when you find anyone using those talking points and tactics you can be sure where they are coming from.
I highly recommend when you find a hate site to copy the parts you really want to keep. Even if you keep them on your computer for future references. Things disappear of the web. One site a fellow blogger gave me disappeared. It was from France and it had tons of pictures of Gaza.One day it was there and the next it was gone. The same thing happened during the Bush Administration like stuff on the Skull and Bones. Boy did stuff vanish. Copy anything you may need or want in the future.

Sheilanagig said...


Good advice on the saving...I find more and more sites subject to instantaneous 'link rot'.

I have been wanting to do a blog just for those who received and acted on the letter you posted. But I guess I am not clever enough to find words that will penetrate the cultural psychopathy of Zionists. Perhaps there are none.

The irony for me is that most of my life I was an ardent supporter of Israel. I was horrified when I realised that my views were based on propaganda...and that the Palestinian side of the story had so much validity. In truth, I am bitter about the media lies. But I had to leave the USA to learn this.

I think the Zionists are losing the blogging war.

Thanks for your affirmation and helps to give me courage to continue.


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