Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The Matrix that is not a movie.

Yes there is a real Matrix government project.
The information is more impressive from the source ACLU page here.


Rugfish said...

Hi S,

You might be able to do something with this :-

For the Record......

Detailed minutes of meetings held between Prime Minister Heath and French President Pompidou, regarding Britain's entry to the EEC or "Common Market" as they called it, are available for the public from Margaret Thatcher's archives.


Although the files are easily viewed in pdf online, I've placed the full records along with a sample in my documents folder here: http://www.scribd.com/people/documents/6689197?from_badge_documents_button=1

And on my blog here: http://rugfish.blogspot.com/2009/01/how-british-were-conned-into-europe.html#links

Meetings held between the two leaders concerning the future of both the United Kingdom and The Common Market are shown here to explain how and why the British Public were misled to believe they were being asked to join "just a common market", when asked 2 years later to hold a referendum AFTER Heath took us in.

It must be remembered that we were not party to these talks, nor were the media, and that when we joined the "Common Market", the British Public was not told of the consequences of joining as outlined 2 years earlier by these minutes and subsequent treaties which further integrate the country with the now "European Union".

My storage holds a full account specifically of these meetings to make them easier to find when researching, and currently include the minutes of further meetings between Heath and Pompidou as given account by former British ambassador Lord Soames.

For the record, they are all freely available under the Freedom of Information Act and are of course no longer secret however they are not generally known and are much ignored as to the meaning of their content by today's politician's.

Margaret Thatcher's account is thus; ( extract ) :-

At the heart of the summit was a simple question, posed by Pompidou to Heath in their tête à tête: was Britain ready to make "a historic change in (its) attitude", a "fundamental choice" in favour of the European Community? Although detailed negotiating points occupied much of the eleven hours of talks, the exchanges on this subject (at the beginning of the first and second sessions) mattered most. Heath was probably the first British Prime Minister in history who could have truthfully answered "yes" to that question, and he was very likely the only one who had a chance of being believed when he said it. His credibility in this respect drew heavily on his coolness towards Britain's traditional ally, the United States, as to which he left Pompidou in no doubt.

A further account by the writer:

For good or ill, the summit achieved everything Heath could have hoped; it was perhaps the highpoint of his political career. The entry talks in Brussels came to life the following month and outstanding problems were successfully resolved. The British Government was able to begin the task of pushing the necessary legislation through Parliament and bringing the sceptical British public into line.

Best regards, and keep plugging your thoughts.

Sheilanagig said...

Panther, thank you for this. I will give a going over here after I wake up. And I am saving my MB up to download your video (my usage allowance is pathetic and stingy).

I am always amazed at the breadth of your knowledge. You are a credit to your country's people and exemplify the difference between the ruling elite and the people.

Thanks for your support and will give this a study.


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