Thursday, January 22, 2009

Things I read Jan 22, 2009 - Welcome to Bizzaro World

Mission accomplished!

Jimmy Carter's Wise Counsel
You cannot have prosperity and liberty if you are always at war. Whereas other recent presidents have seemed oblivious to this fact, the Vietnam experience seems to have made Carter realize it.

Obama throngs replaced by March for Life crowds
Wouldn't it be interesting to know if these protesters also condemn the death penalty and the slaughter of Gaza's & Iraq's innocent (already born) children?

SKorean blogger charged with spreading false info
Better watch what you say on the net.

Life is strange and cruel.
Beauty queen loses hands and feet.

Argentine prez: Fidel Castro 'believes in Obama'
Who am I to argue with Fidel? "Earlier Wednesday, Raul Castro said Obama "seemed like a good man" and wished him luck."

2 condemned to death for role in China milk crisis
How quickly corporations would protect consumers and the environment if they were treated as the criminals they are. It's one way to save the planet. Right on are next.

Report: Belgian court petitioned to arrest Livni upon arrival in Brussels
A good idea - and the only way to chastise monsters...arrest them if they set foot in the EU. This might also restore the faith of EU citizens in the EU.

U.S. To Sharpen Cyber-Weaponry
Bye bye internet freedom...don't you know...this is a war zone?

Big brother filter plan insults parents
Australian parental role to be assumed by Big Brother. Your country is next.

Spanking = Terrorism
My daughter's boyfriend was convicted of 'terrorist' threats 3 years ago for calling her while drunk and belligerent. Yep, we are all terrorists now.

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